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Wordless Friday

Technically, there are words in this post. But sometimes I just want to post a picture without the pressure of entertaining. That is all. Happy 6 more hours till happy hour!


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Small Shop Loving

You all know by now that Miss Erika is the shit right? Today marks the 10 year anniversary of her working for herself (#dreamcometrue) and she’s celebrating with the debut of her NEW LOOK on Small Shop Studio. I admire this girl something fierce and couldn’t be happier for her success. Also, she may or may not be behind my own secret project! Let’s give Erika a virtual smooch and support our social media addiction with some hashtagging — #10on1010 on Twitter.


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Not only do I have talented friends, but I have talented friends of friends and even though I haven’t technically met these friends of friends, it still makes us friends by association right? So that was my lengthy introduction to Danielle Ribner, the incredibly talented designer behind Loup, a clothing line that is beyond chic, but actually comfortable and doesn’t require dry cleaning. That’s pretty much all I want in life. Danielle is offering my readers 10% off all the goodies at Loup. Enter the code LONELY10 at checkout. Or use the code MADSALE for 40% off all sale items. You guys, that’s practically free clothes. Excuse me while I go restock my wardrobe.

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Gilty and Stuff

Gilt is doing it for me this morning. I should probably step away from the computer.

How was my weekend you ask? We indulged in a boozy couple’s massage, pasta and a Breaking Bad marathon. We also fit in some dad time. And I went to bed before 11 every night. I’m turning into one of those people who enjoys the day more than the night, breakfast over dinner, and one drink instead of a hangover. I’m maturing you guys.

Stella McCartney lingerie; Rocker chic jewelry; Travel book; Pink spade bowl; Decanter; Christopher Kon woven wallet; Aquamarine bottle stopper

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Small Shop for HomeMint

The person that Pinned all these glorious interiors obviously has a keen eye for aesthetics. That person is Erika Brechtel of Small Shop and I love her so you must love her. And you know how we can show our love? By helping her become HomeMint’s new contributing editor. All we have to do is repin her choices on her Vintage Eclectic Home board from now until 6/14. The board with the most repins wins and since I’m highly competitive, I want one of my blog bffs to win. So repin that shiz and happy Friday!


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Announcing the Winner

And the winner of my favorite giveaway ever courtesy of Made by Maru and Ms. Stacy Haywood…

Lauren from Champagne Reveries!

Now wasn’t that fun?! Thank you everyone for participating!

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Giveaway Closed: Made by Maru


Winner will be announced Tuesday, May 29

I was out of commission yesterday, but I’m back in commission today with a sweet treat to make up for it. Readers meet Meridian. My new favorite necklace.

It’s become an extension of me. Seriously. It was designed and kindly gifted to me by San Francisco-based jewelry designer Stacy Haywood of Made by Maru and she is offering a piece to one of you! Trust me when I say, you will have a hard time choosing which piece to adorn yourself in. Take the following for example:

Really good huh?!

All you have to do to win some of this goodness is visit Made by Maru and favorite the piece you can’t imagine living another day of your life without. Then come back and tell me what you want. For extra entries (leave separate comments):

Favorite MadeByMaru’s Etsy shop

Follow MadeByMaru on Twitter

Like MadeByMaru on Facebook

The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 29. May the force be with you! And if you decide you need something immediately, use this coupon code at checkout to get 10% off: LONELYWIFEPROJECT

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Hotel Living

Like Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen, former Ralph Lauren designer, Nicole Hanley Mellon, and her husband live in a hotel in New York. Specifically The Pierre. Aren’t rich people so fascinating?

They threw some paint over the wallpaper, replaced the carpet and combined their art collection to make the space homey and eclectic. I need to start collecting art instead of dogs.


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My new overdyed rug was delivered yesterday! Operation “Spruce Up Living Room” begins May 5 immediately after every inch of upholstery and carpet in my house is professionally scrubbed and steamed. Living with OCD and animals is not easy.


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We’re doing it you guys…We’re refinancing our house and I have paint in my hair to prove it.

We spent all day (seriously, all day) yesterday prepping our house for the appraisal. That meant fixing up the giant hole in our loft where the skylight used to be (against HOA rules) and deep cleaning that shiz.

We took the loft from this…

to this…

It’s nothing fancy, but it works for now. Also, I have vowed never to paint another wall again in my life. Excuse me while I go tend to my aching cells.

P.S. The Husband swore he would kill me if I posted this picture but I couldn’t help myself. He should know better than to strike a pose when camera is in hand. I’m prepared to face the consequences of my actions.

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