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Best Bridal Shower Ever

We threw the most beautiful bridal shower for the most beautiful bride-to-be this weekend. I realized a party is no party without balloons and a mini Pomeranian. I Instagramed to high heaven but I also managed to take a million photos with my real camera so you’ll have to excuse me as I relive the shower detail by detail this week. If this party was any indication of what we can expect at the wedding next month, then I consider myself the luckiest bitch alive for being able to attend.

Till we meet in Paris my gorgeous #weddingcrew!

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Another Party

My weekend was very idyllic. Thanks for asking.

In other news, we’re in the throws of planning a bridal shower for my BFF. It’s going to be classy. And very French. And it will involve rich shades of purple and gold flatware and even calligraphy. Because that’s how we do.

Happy “worst day of the week”!


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7 Whole Years

Seven years ago today, I was walking down the aisle toward my best friend. Instead of toasting with champagne tonight, we’ll be sipping spicy water and watching So You Think You Can Dance. That’s love you guys.


Happy anniversary James. Next year, I’ll refrain from cleansing on this date. I love you!

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I’m currently consumed by gowns. I need something appropriate for a Matron of Honor at a chateau wedding in France. Did I tell you that matchy, typical bridesmaids dresses are not required at this wedding. Instead, we’re looking at fancy sh*t in gorgeous fabrics and prints. It’s going to be one of those “totally mismatched but comes together perfectly” kind of bridal parties! This is the motivation behind my working out a million times a week. That, and wine. I like to drink.

Valentino, Elie Saab, Marchesa

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Wedding Dresses Galore

Did I tell you my gorgeous BFF got engaged? Did I tell you I’m the Matron of Honor although I’ve implemented a strict “don’t call me a matron” rule? Did I tell you she’s getting married in a chateau in the Champagne region of France? Oh okay.  So my BFF is getting married in France you guys, and I’m the young, bright-eyed, married friend that she’ll get to boss around for the next six months. And we’re going to Europe over Thanksgiving. And I’m going to drink lots and lots and lots of real champagne!

We recently went dress shopping. I was chillin’ amongst Reem Acras, Jenny Packhams, Oscar de la Rentas and of course, Monique Lhuilliers. With her permission, I’m revealing the ones that didn’t make the cut. You will be blown away by the final dress(es)!


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Ever Swoon

One of my loveliest blog friends launched her new wedding and event planning company today, Ever Swoon!

Tamra knows her shiz, you guys. Her own wedding was ridiculously
swoon-worthy. She wore Oscar de la Renta for God’s sakes. And she included her precious pup Bella. She’s pretty much my role model.

Brian Dorsey Studios

If you are in need of event planning, I highly recommend you contact Ever Swoon immediately.

Congrats Tamra! I’ll be toasting you tonight!

Oh and let’s also congratulate Erika on the amazing brand design!

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Barbie & Ken

Would you still be my friend if I told you I played with Barbies until I reached an embarrassing age. In my defense, my cousin and I had two giant bags filled with Barbie couture so we basically dressed and accessorized the hell out of them until we got bored and moved onto watching Beaches (which we viewed a nauseating amount of times).

I have a special place in my heart for Barbie (she did teach me the importance of accessorizing after all) so you can imagine my delight when I saw this wedding album, shot by French photographer Béatrice de Guigné. de Guigné painstakingly set up each shot over the course of 3 days to mimic a real life wedding and the whole thing is cheeky and brilliant. Makes me want to bust out my Barbies!

Click here to view the rest of Barbie and Ken’s wedding album.

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Me and You

I thought this was as appropriate time as any to share a few of our wedding photos and present to you my sappy side.

The Husband and I met nearly 12 years ago in high school Spanish class.  He was the captain of the football and basketballs teams and I was definitely not a cheerleader. But we fell in love nonetheless and after graduation I followed him to Berkeley (well I moved to San Francisco, but close enough) determined not to lose the person I knew I wanted to be with forever.

Six years ago yesterday, my high school sweetheart and I made it official. It still blows my mind that we found each other when we were barely of legal driving age. But what’s even more staggering is that we knew, at 16, that we were in it forever. How the hell can a couple of kids predict forever? This kind of love is rare — the kind where you grow up with your spouse and grow up we did. Believe me! It wasn’t always easy, but luckily for us, we grew together and not apart.

Happy anniversary to my husband. You continue to be my most favorite person in the world. And thank you for only getting mildly irritated when I post pictures of your mug on my blog. I love you to pieces.

Photos by Harvard Photography

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End of Break

Good day readers! I’m sorry to have deserted you for so long, but sometimes I need a break from the computer so thanks for bearing with me.

Our weekend consisted of a lot of driving, a gorgeous wedding, family time, husband and wife time, chandelier building, arguing while building a chandelier, deciding that marriage is more important than DIY projects, and making up over a cocktail and a romantic comedy.

I’ll share the bubble chandelier story and photos as soon as I’ve reached a more stable emotional state, but for now, here are a few shots from the wedding we attended on Friday. It was a traditional Persian ceremony with the most beautiful sofreh aghd I’ve seen. The bride (my friend) was stunning in lace and the reception (held at The London in LA) was posh as hell. Thank God I’m already married so I can be free from the burden of living up to this wedding.

FYI…the really tall, handsome, bearded guy is the Husband and the not so tall, handsome one is my brother!

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Today is

One of those days. I want to nap. Preferably over a sheepskin under a teepee on the sand. I promise I’m not pregnant.

Luckily, this is my last work day this week. Tomorrow we’re headed to LA for a friend’s wedding (I know. We go to weddings almost as often as we eat pizza). And after that we’re going to bask in the glow of the long holiday weekend. We might even get around to finishing the bubble chandelier we started. Or we might get distracted by drinking and napping and watching romantic comedies.

So I’m taking tomorrow off from my day job and from the Internet and I’m giddy as hell about it. Have a glorious weekend and don’t be jelly. My life is rarely this carefree.


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