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Did I mention that for our anniversary, the Husband got me a handbag he picked out himself. Those of you that don’t know him in real life cannot understand the significance of this, so I’ll tell you that it’s HUGE. Like a REALLY BIG DEAL.

Although he’s a great gift giver, he’s never actually picked something out for me to wear or carry on my person. And the best part is, I love it! It’s red. The Husband decided I need a red handbag! It comes from Anthropologie. Another smart move on his part. He figured if I didn’t like it, I could return it for the million things I love at that store. But it’s a keeper and every time I use it, I think how sweet it is that he picked it for me.

Tell me, what’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever gotten?

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Mall Rat

My office is a quarter of a mile from a mall. There was a time I would haul ass there every chance I got to buy myself a reward for working in a cubicle all day. It occurred to me recently that I haven’t stepped near the place in months. I think this means I’ve evolved as an office worker.

It’s been too damn long since I’ve bought myself a “I work in a cubicle all day poor me I need a new necklace for my sacrifices” gift so here’s a list of stuff I covet and will probably buy the next time I feel suffocated at work.

1. H&M chiffon dress
2. H&M boyfriend blazer
3. Anthropologie summer sorbet scarf
4. Anthropologie sliced stone earrings
5. Zara fashion city bag
6. Anthropologie beaded mercury wedges

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Unless you’re a straight man, you should know by now that Anthropologie is launching it’s wedding line BHLDN on Monday, which also happens to be Valentines Day. If you’re a gay man or a woman that doesn’t know this, shame on you.

A sneak preview of the line was leaked today on Glamour.com and I’m depressed because I’m already married. This may be the first time in history that a 20-something female is complaining that she’s married. Sue me. I really want to wear this dress.


For a peak at more dresses go here.

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Hostess Gifts: Under $50

If you were to come to my house for a holiday party, I would gratefully accept any of these items. I would also accept red wine, extra dry champagne or Grey Goose.

1. Anthropologie Winter Iris Apron;  2. UO Scroll Footed Vanity Tray; 3. Ikat Rose Tea Towels; 4. A. OK Freesia Candle; 5. Vintage Cocktails book; 6. Claw Bottle Opener; 7. Etco Black Gold Paper Vessel; 8. Mikasa Chevron Mugs

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Envy: Anthro Pillows

Do you also walk out of Anthropologie with an intense desire to burn all your possessions and start anew? It happened again to me this weekend.

Damn you Anthropologie for making me hate my pillows.

All pillows from Anthropologie. clockwise from top right: kinetic static pillow; dusky blooms pillow; fluffed and flaunting pillow; ombre gardenia pillow 

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Playing Dress Up

The Husband and I attend several corporate holiday parties in December. And every year, I face the same dilemma: how much skin can I show without looking like a floozy in front of my coworkers? When I shop for holiday dresses, they need to be work-party appropriate and young and glitzy. I also aim to buy things that can be reworked and reworn a dozen more times either to the office or on dinner dates. I’m annoyingly practical.

Either of these dresses will get me through all the work, wedding and party-related events this month. Does someone want to give me a gift card?

1. Joie portia dress; 2. Miss Selfridge petites metallic plisse dress; 3. BCBG asymmetrical shirred dress; 4. BCBG shirred mesh dress; 5. J. Crew dusted sequined shift dress; 6. Anthropologie past echoes dress

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It Smells Like Fall

I’m not big into decorating for specific seasons and holidays. In fact, I try and stay away from orange in October and red in December. But I do love to incorporate unexpected textures and smells to make each season feel special. By changing out my throw pillows and adding fresh autumn flowers and new scented candles,  I embrace fall with open arms (and without cheesy Halloween paraphernalia).

(Aviva Stannoff Onyx Jewel Pillow)

(Anthropologie Small Lasso Candle)

(Mums and Roses: Image via Apartment Therapy)

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