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Wordless Friday

Technically, there are words in this post. But sometimes I just want to post a picture without the pressure of entertaining. That is all. Happy 6 more hours till happy hour!


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Substitute Post

I had a recipe post set to go today and somehow deleted and then got too frustrated to rewrite so instead here are a few images that are sitting well with me today.

I would also like to announce that I’ve started watching the Vampire Diaries. It’s addicting. The Husband is anxiously awaiting the day I stop loving shows targeted toward teenagers.

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Small Shop for HomeMint

The person that Pinned all these glorious interiors obviously has a keen eye for aesthetics. That person is Erika Brechtel of Small Shop and I love her so you must love her. And you know how we can show our love? By helping her become HomeMint’s new contributing editor. All we have to do is repin her choices on her Vintage Eclectic Home board from now until 6/14. The board with the most repins wins and since I’m highly competitive, I want one of my blog bffs to win. So repin that shiz and happy Friday!


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Hotel Living

Like Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen, former Ralph Lauren designer, Nicole Hanley Mellon, and her husband live in a hotel in New York. Specifically The Pierre. Aren’t rich people so fascinating?

They threw some paint over the wallpaper, replaced the carpet and combined their art collection to make the space homey and eclectic. I need to start collecting art instead of dogs.


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My new overdyed rug was delivered yesterday! Operation “Spruce Up Living Room” begins May 5 immediately after every inch of upholstery and carpet in my house is professionally scrubbed and steamed. Living with OCD and animals is not easy.


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Master Mood

I was drunk Pinning one night and resolved I would finally get around to updating our master bedroom. These spaces turned me on.


And this is how I’m making my vision come to life:

crystal wall sconce; swan watercolor; mirror; vases; lamp; tray; salmon throw; leather ottoman; pillows; gallery wall.

New lighting, art, and accessories are freshening up the cave.

I’ll have you know that I’m a bargain hunter and I scored that ridiculously expensive mirror for $20 at TJMaxx. It’s the exact same thing on a smaller scale and I love waking up to it every morning. Also, I don’t plan on spending an arm and a leg on an ottoman or trays or accessories, so I’ll continue scouring until I find affordable versions.

I’ll share photos of the end result when it’s closer to complete.

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Exotic Taste

This was the year that I started to appreciate more ornate interiors. Remember, when I punched myself for not accepting the numerous kilim rugs my mom gifted me. That was BB (before blogging). These days, I like to stare at design books to draw inspiration. Like this gorgeously photographed beauty that makes me want to stock up on colorful goods and textiles.

Exotic Taste, Oriental Interiors
by Emmanuelle Gaillard and Marc Walter features a whopping 236 pages of rich, luscious interiors, textiles and furniture from Japan, China, India and the Middle East. Seriously, I can’t even get over the details and colors  in these spaces.

These floors are killing me softly.

Pink and gold walls. Hell to the yeah!

Pattern overload in the best possible way. The stripes remind me of my favorite duomo in Sienna.

Florals done right!

Fanciful arches – check. Glorious floors – check. Tufted seating – check.

I spy Greek keys!

The good thing about this book is that it also comes with a history lesson. So it’s like education with a side of pretty. Buy your copy here.

Book c/o Vendome Press.

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Horse Play

Another day, another dollah. That’s what I say to myself every Monday morning to help get me through the week. I also treat myself to an energy bar.

Speaking of treats, I’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of a few great giveaways in Blogland and most recently won a magnificent horse sculpture from my design savvy bestie Elizabeth of Modern 24/7. I actually squealed when I tore through the ginormous box to find this beauty. He doesn’t yet have a permanent home (I’m thinking he’ll eventually sit on the entryway console when I actually get around to buying and styling an entryway console). But for now, he’s content on my dining room table where he’s the center of attention. The Monster sniffs him an awful lot and once even snarled in his direction, but they’re almost on friendly terms. Isn’t he precious?

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On My Mind

Pretty wallpaper, chunky platforms, cat eyes, fancy cocktails, and light summer recipes! I’m not ready for the hot season to be over.

Images clockwise from top right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Copy Cat

I know these types of posts are really common among bloggers so I apologize if it makes you want to punch me in the face. I’ll punch myself on your behalf and then I’ll peruse the Internet for more outfit to room inspirations because they make me happy.

Images: Arizona Muse for Vogue UK and my Pinterest

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