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I’m Back

I went to Toronto without my camera. Shame on me. But I did Instagram some shit, namely photos of the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and our clubbing escapades. Did you know that the legal drinking age in Canada is 19? I think my clubbing days in Canada are over you guys.

I also spent quality time with my family and developed a case of severe baby fever, which I need to get rid of immediately as I’m traveling to the champagne region of France in a few months and plan on drinking excessively. Also, I missed the Husband a ridiculous amount (he didn’t come with me) and I determined that spending a few days apart is good for romance.

I’m going to spend the remainder of the week not eating and doing some form of extreme exercise. Happy Hump Day!

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I’m off. Don’t be jeals. See you when I see you!

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I’m back my loyal readers and I must say the cold wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. There’s something so cozy about heated homes and malls. I hate to disappoint, but I spent my vacation vacationing rather taking pictures so I have very little to show from my trip. I did manage to document our weekend in Niagara Falls.

I still can’t believe this shit is real. I may or may not have asked if it was man made.

My angel of a cousin also left her babies overnight with family so we could do a lot of drinking and sitting by the fireplace and dancing in the middle of the street to our own effed up version of Rhianna songs. I miss her so much it hurts.

I’m already looking forward to my next trip there.

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We’re Going To…

Guess where we’ll be this time next week? Chicago! I think I’ve told you before that I haven’t seen much of the US of A and we’re attempting to change that.

On the itinerary so far:

  • Baseball game at Wrigley Field (the Cubs vs. the Cardinals – apparently that’s a big deal or something)
  • Drinks at the top of the John Hancock building
  • Fine dining
  • Spending money along Magnificent Mile

Currently accepting any and all recommendations. Especially with restaurants. Please help. Happy Friday!

By the way, how incredible are these images of Chicago? They’re taken by Alicia Bock whose photography captivates me. I use the term “captivates” only when I mean it. Seriously, I want to fill my walls with her photos.

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Spring Break: i’d rather be shopping

dream a little dream…

i’m joAnn from i’d rather be shopping. as sabra is relaxing and sunbathing in fiji (jealous, much?!), i got to dreaming up a fantasy vacation.  sometimes when i need a pick-me-up, i visit the aman resorts website to ooh and ahh over the amazing getaway spots.  if you haven’t seen these resorts before, i should give you fair warning that you can get lost for a good hour perusing the gorgeousness.  my personal fave is the amanyara resort in turks & caicos — can you believe these pavilions (aka hotel rooms) floating above the pools?

after ogling amanyara, i get to thinking about what i would pack in my dream steamline trunk…a palette of white, pink, navy and gold is always fun and festive, no?

1. gucci round-frame acetate sunglasses (net-a-porter)  •  2. agent provacateur romona panther-print bikini top (net-a-porter) •  3. agent provacateur romona panther-print bikini briefs (net-a-porter) •  4. theodora & callum ikat tie scarf •  5. marc jacobs small beach bag (ssense)  •  6. stella & dot rio triple strand coin necklace •  7. jen’s pirate booty goddess long dress (calypso)  •  8. alexis bittar gold button post earrings (charm & chain)  •  9. j.crew summer straw hat •  10. kate spade hula too sandals •  11. steamline luggage editor series

now tell me…when you need a good daydream, what pops into your mind?

thanks for having me, sabra — can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous trip!  hope you’re taking tons of pictures!
lotsa love,

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Spring Break: JL Photographers

I’m Lauren from JL Photographers, covering for Sabra while she’s in Fiji.

Vegas, oh how I love Vegas. In my opinion it is the perfect weekend getaway. Southern Californian’s can drive there in a few hours and feel like we’re entering a totally different world! We can dress in our sassiest attire, best jewelry, fun heels, really just let our party girl alter ego go crazy! The hotels are amazing! Sometimes I have more fun exploring every hotel, while in my party dress (with a glass of champagne of course) than I have in a club! I will admit though, I am a bit of a hotel snob when I go to Vegas. No, not the kind that needs to stay at the most expensive hotel in the largest suite. Not that kind (although that would be fun!!). But I totally judge a hotel based on it’s bathroom!… And if they offer robes ;O) When I go on vacation I want to feel like I am somewhere other than my own house. So a large bathroom with an awesome shower, jacuzzi tub, dual sinks and gorgeous materials definitely trumps my cracker box of a bathroom at home. A TV is also a bonus.

But back to my must haves. Besides a super sexy party dress, here are the things I don’t leave home without!:

The statement piece: An awesome necklace, fun bangles, or pair of earrings to really give your outfit some pop! This is my current fav.

Some sassy heels: Every girl needs a pair of hot heels to strut around in while in Vegas!

The box of fun: In Vegas, you can pile on the makeup and not worry about looking like a hooker ;O)

Luscious Lashes!  Oh yes ladies, I love lashes. If it were acceptable to wear them regularly around town, I would.

And lastly, champagne is a must! Drinking it while getting ready in the hotel room really makes the experience that much more fun, so yes, pop that cork and pour yourself a glass of bubbly! I know I will be doing that in appx 3 weeks :O)

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Timely Fortune

My fortunes are usually bullshit, but every once in a while I get one that’s actually applicable to my life. The Husband and I haven’t taken a legitimate vacation since we went to Italy in 2008 and I think it’s time we finally plan something. We’re thinking mid-March since he’s on Spring break. Now we need to decide if we want to stay in the country or travel overseas. Our options?

Domestic soil: New York, New Orleans or Chicago. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never been to any of these cities. Unpatriotically, I’ve seen more provinces in Canada than I have states in the U.S.

Foreign soil: Thailand, Brazil or Nicaragua.  We’re aiming for exotic.

I’m going to go stalk Jetsetter now. Feel free to offer up any suggestions or recommendations!

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