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Another Party

My weekend was very idyllic. Thanks for asking.

In other news, we’re in the throws of planning a bridal shower for my BFF. It’s going to be classy. And very French. And it will involve rich shades of purple and gold flatware and even calligraphy. Because that’s how we do.

Happy “worst day of the week”!


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More Words to Live By

I am trying especially hard to maintain my sanity this morning. By “especially hard” I mean shopping online.



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Once in a while, I happen upon a blog that I can’t believe exists it’s so good. This was the case yesterday when I discovered Manger. It’s written by Mimi Thorisson, a stunningly beautiful woman of French and Chinese descent who currently resides in the French countryside with her photographer husband, four kids and 14 dogs! She loves to cook and her blog is a curation of her fanciful recipes. Remember when I said I wanted to be Lena. Well I changed my mind. I want to be Mimi. Go get lost in her world!

All photographs by Oddur Thorrison (her husband)


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50 Shades of Pink

I never thought I’d be a pink girl. Turns out I am. Hardcore. Speaking of hardcore, I forgot to tell you that I got through book one of the 50 Shades trilogy and can’t bear to think about reading the other two. I know it’s really popular, but you guys, the writing is atrocious. Like if I have to hear Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey refer to each other as Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey again, I will actually shoot myself. It is quite possibly the worst book I’ve ever read. Please tell me what the appeal is.

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I have a crush and her name is Clémence Poésy.  She’s French. She’s famous. I can’t stop staring at her. I also appreciate her simple style. It’s the opposite of hobo chic.



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My new overdyed rug was delivered yesterday! Operation “Spruce Up Living Room” begins May 5 immediately after every inch of upholstery and carpet in my house is professionally scrubbed and steamed. Living with OCD and animals is not easy.


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Street Walking

A little style inspiration to get your hump day started. Obviously, I’m drawn to anything that makes my legs look less stumpy. Hence the black pants and boots look.  You can assume this is my Fall uniform. What’s your go-to chilly weather look?

Images via

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On My Mind

Pretty wallpaper, chunky platforms, cat eyes, fancy cocktails, and light summer recipes! I’m not ready for the hot season to be over.

Images clockwise from top right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Room vs. Style

The new issue of Lonny has a lot of goodness, but I’m especially drawn to these interior shots. Neutral but interesting. Exactly how I’d describe my ideal wardrobe. Now I’d like to rid my home and closet of everything I currently own and start fresh. Agree Husband?
Images via Lonny and Pinterest


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Moody Monday

I didn’t do anything worth blogging about this weekend other than finally acquire a taste for Pellegrino so I’ll introduce you to someone who has her shit together.

Naomi of Design Manifest is real good at creating moods boards that appeal to my pupils. Like the following three inspired by these bold statement pieces. I can’t decide if I like 1 or 2 better, but I would happily squat in all three.

Naomi is also an expert DIY-er. She can make cheap ikea stuff look like expensive non-Ikea stuff. Like this superb Rast hack. Meanwhile, I can barely get my shit together long enough to spray paint a couple of candlesticks. Bloggers like Naomi blow my brain.

You should immerse yourself in her blog for a couple of hours. Good things will come of it.

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