Glass Half Empty

I hate this week. I hate this week. I hate this week. Why all the negativity on a Friday? Because this week sucked donkey. When I’m having a really awful time at my day job, I remind myself that I’m doing all of this to put these guys through college. I hope they appreciate the sacrifices we make.

Okay, since it’s almost the weekend, I’ll try to change my attitude. Happy Friday sugar plums! Life is beautiful.

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15 thoughts on “Glass Half Empty

  1. […] They threw some paint over the wallpaper, replaced the carpet and combined their art collection to make the space homey and eclectic. I need to start collecting art instead of dogs. […]

  2. Boo to bad days and the blues but look at those faces… your nuggets are adorbs and I’m sure they brighten you day everytime you walk through your door! xoxoxo

  3. ahaha! at first i was like “who’s going to college?” don’t know if my little one will want to go ~ he may just decide to make music or write in the basement of his parent’s home haha! {i’m talking about our fur child ~ sammy} 😉 😉
    xoxo ~ kristina

  4. RECREATED says:

    I am with you! I had an awful week too, and am so thankful it’s over. Hope you have a better weekend!

  5. Awh you’re a good mommy! Hope you get to have some fun this weekend and that next week is much, much better 🙂 xoxo

  6. Oh poop. That’s what I say. I hate those weeks. I’ve had too many of them lately.

    And you reminded me I need to post pictures of my dogs since people don’t even know I’m a dog owner. Yours are so precious.


  7. Is it a full moon or something? There’s crazy $h*t going down in my office too. TGIF…!

  8. designstiles says:

    Drat. Nothing a lot of wine can’t fix, hopefully. Drown those sorrows girl.

    I joke around too and say our dogs go to private school.

  9. I hear you on that! hope the day and weekend shapes up for you!

  10. Sorry to hear that!! Don’t feel bad about seeing the glass half empty — some weeks are just like that! Those damn kids better be grateful for all you do for them. The last one (is it’s name Monster?) looks grateful. The other two look like they just want a nap and a snack.

  11. goodbye donkey sucking week, helllooo weekend. Omg your furbabies tongue!! Miss Bella is always being snarky and sticking her tongue out, even when she sleeps.

  12. Molliee says:

    Poor you! I am in the same boat. I did something to my knee and am now on crutches – hence the lack of outfit posts! I literally hate life at the moment! But at least we have our doggies to keep us happy:)

  13. Naomi says:

    That was me last week. This week was marginally less sucky. So there’s hope for the future!

    PS- do you have shitzus? Your pups are adorable.

  14. Aubrey says:

    I wish I could say that this week didn’t suck donkey…but alas, I’m pretty sure that it did! The silver lining? IT’S OVER! (c: The things we do for our kids, I swear! Hopefully, the weekend is *waaaaaaay* better than the week!

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