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Not only do I have talented friends, but I have talented friends of friends and even though I haven’t technically met these friends of friends, it still makes us friends by association right? So that was my lengthy introduction to Danielle Ribner, the incredibly talented designer behind Loup, a clothing line that is beyond chic, but actually comfortable and doesn’t require dry cleaning. That’s pretty much all I want in life. Danielle is offering my readers 10% off all the goodies at Loup. Enter the code LONELY10 at checkout. Or use the code MADSALE for 40% off all sale items. You guys, that’s practically free clothes. Excuse me while I go restock my wardrobe.

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Casual Chic Friday

This weekend may be the last time we can get away with an outfit like this until next Summer. Take advantage. Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend yo! I’ll be dancing with my girls and celebrating The Husband’s birthday. It’s going to be exceptional!


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Reform Yourself

You know I fancy myself a hippie despite my entire life, which indicates otherwise — corporate job, V6 engine, regular use of a curling iron — so I love pretty things that are friendly to the earth. Take the fashion brand Reformation for example. They repurpose vintage and surplus materials to make stylish goods that are more suitable to my age group than say Nasty Gal. And they manufacture their own stuff in their LA and New York studios so we don’t have to worry about children sewing our clothes. Oh and don’t get me started on the accessories.

Shop on their website or browse their blog for more on this brand. There, I’ve done my good deed for the week. Have a happy weekend!


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Inspired By

This bitch can do no wrong. Ultimate chicness. I can’t even handle.


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No So Fast Lane

I’ve been living in the slow lane for sure this week. Which is okay, I guess, except I’m on Instagram and everyone else seems to be living the life. Social media can be so depressing right? That and my sugar strike. What I would give for some pistachio gelato and a permanent vacation right about now. On the plus side (because I’m such a positive person) my caffeine withdrawals have finally subsided. Yay me!

Interview August 2012
Photographer: Craig McDean
Stylist: Kar Temper
Model: Mila Kunis

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Soft and Pretty

Christian Dior’s 2013 resort collection is exactly perfect isn’t it?

In other news, I need to do a cleanse you guys. My last failed attempt was 4 days on the Master Cleanse before I wanted to eat Poppy. So this time, I need some kind of detox that allows food. No juice bullshit. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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Fatal Confession

Watercolor florals on graphic motifs on animal prints on malachite! My kind of hump day editorial.

Fatal Confession
Gravure Magazine Summer 2012
Shot by: Greg Sorensen
Styling by: Ursula Lake
Model: Simone Kerr

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I’m currently consumed by gowns. I need something appropriate for a Matron of Honor at a chateau wedding in France. Did I tell you that matchy, typical bridesmaids dresses are not required at this wedding. Instead, we’re looking at fancy sh*t in gorgeous fabrics and prints. It’s going to be one of those “totally mismatched but comes together perfectly” kind of bridal parties! This is the motivation behind my working out a million times a week. That, and wine. I like to drink.

Valentino, Elie Saab, Marchesa

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Litter SF

I had to hear about Litter from Shark Tank you guys. I thought I was an active member of the blog community, but I obviously missed the Internet conversation about this body jewelry company in San Francisco.  It was created by a creative sister duo who take old vintage sh*t and turn it into pretty new sh*t. I never thought I’d be into body jewelry again after my belly chain phase in 8th grade, but I like this stuff, especially the head pieces and leg chains. I guess they might be collaborating with Urban Outfitters soon, so if you like this look I suggest you get on it immediately before every hipster in America ruins it for us.

There is so much more where this came from. You should see the rest of the novelty jewelry pieces on their website. Go here to see them on Shark Tank. It’s good sh*t.

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