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Small Shop Loving

You all know by now that Miss Erika is the shit right? Today marks the 10 year anniversary of her working for herself (#dreamcometrue) and she’s celebrating with the debut of her NEW LOOK on Small Shop Studio. I admire this girl something fierce and couldn’t be happier for her success. Also, she may or may not be behind my own secret project! Let’s give Erika a virtual smooch and support our social media addiction with some hashtagging — #10on1010 on Twitter.


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You know when bloggers are all “I’m working on a very important secret project” and you’re all “Don’t be such a freaking tease and tell me since you divulge all other aspects of your life”? Well, I now have the privilege of being among those bloggers who is working on a very important secret project. The reason I’m keeping it a secret on the Internet is because it’s too early in the stages and what if I get skurred or what if I’m not good enough or what if…

As soon as I have something to show you, I promise I will. And might I add that I feel so lucky to have met some of my talented blogger friends who can help me bring my secret to fruition.


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Hello Goodbye

For the last month, I’ve shamelessly and unabashedly gloated about my upcoming trip to Fiji. Well, the time has officially come. I’m going to be MIA starting tomorrow, but I’ve lined up more than a week’s worth of guest posts from some lovely blogging ladies who will do their best to keep you entertained in my absence. I know it’s not fair that I’ll be sunning myself on an exotic island while you sit behind a computer screen, so the guest blogger series is going to be all about travel, vacations and weekend getaways because you deserve a virtual Spring break. The lineup includes these amazing, creative, gorgeous ladies (in no particular order):

Alex of Things That Sparkle. Loads of gorgeous design and “stuff I don’t need but really desire” inspiration.

Jessie of Sweet Thing. Sweet style, sweet girl and SWEET photographer! I love Jessie’s photos and My Sweetest Day series.
Elizabeth of Modern24/7. My sister from another mother. She’s a talented designer (see best nursery ever here), enviously witty and nice enough to bbm “interiors” with me for hours.

JoAnn of I’d Rather Be Shopping. My first blog bestie and the cutest girl ever. Her Friday Love Lists are hands down the best on the Interweb.

Belen of Style Notes by Belen. She’s my friend in real life so believe me when I say this girl has the best taste in all things fashion. And she’s cultured and classy. Need I say more?

Lauren of JL Photographers. Loves photography, dogs and wine…and has a cute husband. She’s  me with blonde hair.

Molliee of Twirly Skirts. She’s gorgeous, travels to France annually and has the best pair of gams. Jealous!

I’m off to explore white sands and warm waters. Be sure to drop by each of these lovely blogs for extra inspiration starting tomorrow. I’ll be back before you know it!

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