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Small Shop Loving

You all know by now that Miss Erika is the shit right? Today marks the 10 year anniversary of her working for herself (#dreamcometrue) and she’s celebrating with the debut of her NEW LOOK on Small Shop Studio. I admire this girl something fierce and couldn’t be happier for her success. Also, she may or may not be behind my own secret project! Let’s give Erika a virtual smooch and support our social media addiction with some hashtagging — #10on1010 on Twitter.


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Addicted to Social Media?

This article really speaks to me. It outlines 25 signs indicating you need a vacation from social media. I am guilty of the following:

  • You enter a new place or social situation and you immediately judge whether it’s Instagram-worthy.
  • You speak in hashtags. For example, “I totally just fell down the stairs. Hashtag —fail,” or “I ate too many donuts today. Hashtag—first world problems.”
  • You’re starting to resent the frequency with which you type the phrases, “check out,” “click here,” and “for more details.”
  • You’re frustrated when you see low engagement on your most important personal status updates.
  • When you go out to eat, your food is always cold because you’ve just Instagrammed it into oblivion.
  • You come up with ideas for posts while hanging out with your friends. You immediately start texting yourself future post ideas.
  • You’ve used “Ermahgerd!” when speaking with your parents.

I think we’re all in the same boat right? #bloggerproblems



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Twitter Talk

I try really hard to be a social media maven, but work and marriage and being a pet mom gets in the way, you know? And then it’s like I’m falling behind the cool group. I’m so sporadic when it comes to tweeting and I feel like I should reserve tweets for when I have funny and/or relevant things things to say, which is rare.

Oh also, the Husband already wants to ban me from my iPhone so can you imagine if I was socially (media) active? I’m not allowed to own an iPad as long as we’re married lest he lose me to technology forever. So please accept my sincere apologies if I’m not always “on.” Real life triumphs cyberspace.

And for your enjoyment, the top 50 funniest tweets of 2011!

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