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Master Mood

I was drunk Pinning one night and resolved I would finally get around to updating our master bedroom. These spaces turned me on.


And this is how I’m making my vision come to life:

crystal wall sconce; swan watercolor; mirror; vases; lamp; tray; salmon throw; leather ottoman; pillows; gallery wall.

New lighting, art, and accessories are freshening up the cave.

I’ll have you know that I’m a bargain hunter and I scored that ridiculously expensive mirror for $20 at TJMaxx. It’s the exact same thing on a smaller scale and I love waking up to it every morning. Also, I don’t plan on spending an arm and a leg on an ottoman or trays or accessories, so I’ll continue scouring until I find affordable versions.

I’ll share photos of the end result when it’s closer to complete.

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Master Mood Board

I’ve bitched about my master bedroom an annoying number of times on this blog, but every time I consider redecorating, my brain forgets it was once creative. I can’t make a decision about what direction I want to take and I have numerous limitations:

  1. Must keep current furniture.
  2. No refinishing or staining or reupholstering or tufting  or repainting anything since I’m characteristically lazy at the moment.
  3. The atrocious ceiling fan must stay. The money I save on air conditioning goes toward my wine habit.
  4. I want to spend minimal dollars on this project.

I’ve come into contact with some pretty creative bloggers since I jumped on the bandwagon and I’m constantly seeking any and all inspiration I can get from these individuals. Insert Julie of Julip Made who is too sweet for my own good. She took on my limitations and created these totally inspiring mood boards that make me the complete opposite of depressed.

I’m so grateful to Julie for pointing me in the right direction and I’m anxious to take the elements from her design and those of other talented blogging friends who have given me advice along the way, and put it all to good use. What do you think of Julie’s design for my master bedroom? Click here to see the other amazing boards she’s created. For source information, contact Julie directly.

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Not So Sexy Master

The only space left in my house that I really detest is our master bedroom.  Masters are supposed to make you feel sexy and stuff, but mine just kind of makes me want to overdose on Tylenol PM. It’ll be a while before we actually redecorate since the Husband made me swear I’d give it a break until his semester is over (apparently, I’m incapable of performing home improvement projects without his help), but there’s no harm in a little bedroom inspiration to prep for the inevitable. None of these rooms have anything in common, except that I want to sleep in them. I’m going to put together a vibe tray a la Kelly Wearstler and present it to the Husband with the promise of significantly higher bedroom activity should we move forward with the project.

via Nuevo Estilo

via Desire to Inspire

via Nuevo Estilo

via Decor Pad

via Sketch42

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Home Sweet…

I wanted to wait until every room was to my liking before I posted any photos of my house, but that’s never going to happen. So I did some major cleaning this weekend and snapped some shots to give you a glimpse into our home.

Living room

Dining room

Office/Guest Room


I spared you images of the bathrooms, kitchen and master bedroom. Nothing interesting to look at. So there you have it. Our home. Judge away.

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Inspired by Cobbold Du Pont

I’ve never been the type to redecorate one space at a time, mostly because I have self-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. I’m currently updating the dining room and the office and hadn’t planned on adding anything else on my To Do list, until I saw this room designed by Rebecca Du Pont De Bie and Caroline Cobbold.

This space is screaming to be recreated and our master bedroom is the perfect canvas. The reason I’m so drawn to this particular room is because it contains a lot of the elements already in mine, making it that much easier to copy. I’ve been bored to death with my white curtains, taupe walls and black furniture, but this photo reminds me that with a few upgrades, my room can go from bland to glam.

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

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