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An Emergency Situation and a Party

My BFF and her boyfriend threw a classy New Year’s Eve party at their classy home in LA. See, there was glassware and champagne in a claw foot tub.

The Husband and I drove up from San Diego and realized we left our party clothes at home. It was an emergency situation as the Husband is built like a linebacker and has a hard time ever finding clothes that fit right. After a quick trip to the only store open at that hour and my friend’s closet, we managed to look presentable although not as spectacular as we would have if we had been wearing our chosen attire. Who knew Marc Anthony for Kohls collection would ever save our asses.

Then we got drunk and partied like it was Y2K all over again.

How did you spend your last evening of 2011?

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Happy 2012! Predictably, I’m still recovering. Actually, The Husband and I are enjoying the day off and we’re sitting down to lunch and I’m blogging from my phone and he is giving me the serious stink eye so here’s a quick snapshot of my New Year’s Eve celebration. More to come tomorrow.


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The day after tomorrow is 2012, which also marks the last year of my 20s. Holy shit. I need to get a jump start on my bucket list immediately. There are a dozen things I’ve vowed to do before I’m 30 like:

1. Get a six-pack
2. Get a four-pack (If six-pack absolutely cannot be accomplished)
3. Go skydiving

That’s all I can think of right now. What’s on your bucket list/New Year’s resolution?

And on a sappy note, I really want to thank each and every one of you for visiting this little blog and making me feel good about myself. Seriously, though, I appreciate every click, every comment and every email more than you know. Happy New Year to my favorite Internet friends!


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Wine Drinking for Dummies

I saw this “how-to” on A Cup of Jo last week and it spoke to my heart. Since it’s the party season and all, I thought it appropriate we all brush up on our wine etiquette. Here are some of my favorite tips.

“How to” by Joanna Goddard
Illustrations by Gemma Correll

Fill red wine glasses 1/3 full, white wine glasses 1/2 full, and sparkling wine 3/4 full.

Cheers! When clinking glasses, make eye contact with the other person. Otherwise, according to French superstition, you’ll risk seven years of bad luck (read: bad sex). You also should clink glasses individually with each person at the table without crossing anyone’s arms.

Always hold your wine glass by the stem. Many people mistakenly think you only need to hold white wine by the stem (so you don’t warm up the wine), but experts say you should hold red wine by the stem, too, so you can see its color and clarity, as well as to avoid smudging the glass with your fingerprints. Otherwise, wine snobs might call you a “bowl grabber”! 🙂

The host’s duty is to make sure glasses stay filled. “My eyes go to empty glasses immediately,” wine expert John Thoreen says. “It’s a real radar thing for me.”

See all the tips here.

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To Do

Today I’m going to put the finishing touches on my Christmas decorations.

Wrap presents with The Monster.

Indulge in a little pre-Christmas Eve adult beverage consumption.

And overall be merry that I don’t have to work until next Tuesday. Happy holidays!

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We’re on our way to Lake Arrowhead for a long weekend. My in-laws rented a cabin and most of the siblings and spouses are flying in for an early Christmas celebration. There will be champagne and heating blankets aplenty. Happy weekend pets! Come back to me next Wednesday.

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If I wasn’t married, I would be a lot more frivolous with my spending. Especially during the season of giving. I want to give myself new, expensive, unnecessary dresses just for the hell of it. Instead, I’ll probably give myself flannel pajamas.

Dresses via Planet Blue

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You’ve Got Mail

The holiday cards are starting to roll in and once again I’m feeling slightly un-American for not sending our own. Isn’t it a rule or something that when you get married or give birth, you automatically take family portraits and mail them to your 100 closest friends and coworkers?

What do you think? Are you a holiday card type of family?


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Ms. Claus

It finally happened. I caught the Christmas bug, which was spurred on by the two dozen Sprinkles cupcakes a vendor sent me at work last week. Then I made a long list of material stuff I expect hope the Husband will get me. Oh and we also put up our tree, cuddled with some ewoks, had dinner with friends (complete with the strongest mint juleps alive) and listened to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat. You can call me Ms. Claus.


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3 Steps

Today I run. Tomorrow I gorge. Friday I recover.


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