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Wordless Friday

Technically, there are words in this post. But sometimes I just want to post a picture without the pressure of entertaining. That is all. Happy 6 more hours till happy hour!


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Small Shop Loving

You all know by now that Miss Erika is the shit right? Today marks the 10 year anniversary of her working for herself (#dreamcometrue) and she’s celebrating with the debut of her NEW LOOK on Small Shop Studio. I admire this girl something fierce and couldn’t be happier for her success. Also, she may or may not be behind my own secret project! Let’s give Erika a virtual smooch and support our social media addiction with some hashtagging — #10on1010 on Twitter.


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Marilyn or Brigitte?

I allowed myself one small glass of wine with my dinner last night. Life got slightly more interesting during that hour.

In other news, I’ve been working with Irene to add a little oomph to my living room and dining room. That gurrl is magical. Despite the stupid requirements I’ve set (low budget, no painting, low budget, must keep giant sectional for The Husband) she’s already managed to make my place look more Rue and less Trading Spaces. New pieces are starting to arrive and fabrics are being determined. Next up, I need to make a decision on the large piece of art I plan to put over the couch against my black wall. Here are the ones in the running.

The first two are photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Lawrence Schiller and the last is of Brigitte Bardot on the set of Et Dieu Créa la Femme (which translates to “And God Created Women”). All would be framed in white.

Which one is your favorite?

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Substitute Post

I had a recipe post set to go today and somehow deleted and then got too frustrated to rewrite so instead here are a few images that are sitting well with me today.

I would also like to announce that I’ve started watching the Vampire Diaries. It’s addicting. The Husband is anxiously awaiting the day I stop loving shows targeted toward teenagers.

1, 2, 3, 4

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More Words to Live By

I am trying especially hard to maintain my sanity this morning. By “especially hard” I mean shopping online.



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My Favorite and My Best Art

Two extremely poignant happenings have marked my place in adulthood:

  1. I finally acquired a taste for black coffee
  2. I commissioned a piece of art

That’s right, you guys. I’m officially a black coffee drinking art collector. Last week, I was perusing MFMB and nearly expired when I spotted one of Jenny’s masterpieces. I think I experienced the feeling one must experience when one comes across a piece of art that truly moves them. Toasting Marshmallows moved me. But the mother effer was sold.  I immediately contacted Jenny and professed my love for her art and she in turn agreed to paint something special for me.

Now I’m waiting anxiously for my painting. How good is her stuff?

See more on MFMB and Minty or commission your own!

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Wild One

It’s Friday thank God. This week I accomplished the following:

  • Limited wine consumption to only one glass per night.
  • Exercised five days in a row.
  • Didn’t spend a dollar on lunch or coffee.
  • Caught up on So You Think You Can Dance

See, I can be tame. Also, where can I find this print of Ann-Margret in extra large? kthxbai.


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Small Shop for HomeMint

The person that Pinned all these glorious interiors obviously has a keen eye for aesthetics. That person is Erika Brechtel of Small Shop and I love her so you must love her. And you know how we can show our love? By helping her become HomeMint’s new contributing editor. All we have to do is repin her choices on her Vintage Eclectic Home board from now until 6/14. The board with the most repins wins and since I’m highly competitive, I want one of my blog bffs to win. So repin that shiz and happy Friday!


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Giveaway Closed: Made by Maru


Winner will be announced Tuesday, May 29

I was out of commission yesterday, but I’m back in commission today with a sweet treat to make up for it. Readers meet Meridian. My new favorite necklace.

It’s become an extension of me. Seriously. It was designed and kindly gifted to me by San Francisco-based jewelry designer Stacy Haywood of Made by Maru and she is offering a piece to one of you! Trust me when I say, you will have a hard time choosing which piece to adorn yourself in. Take the following for example:

Really good huh?!

All you have to do to win some of this goodness is visit Made by Maru and favorite the piece you can’t imagine living another day of your life without. Then come back and tell me what you want. For extra entries (leave separate comments):

Favorite MadeByMaru’s Etsy shop

Follow MadeByMaru on Twitter

Like MadeByMaru on Facebook

The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 29. May the force be with you! And if you decide you need something immediately, use this coupon code at checkout to get 10% off: LONELYWIFEPROJECT

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I Learned Something

Did I tell you that I took a photography class and finally learned what all the buttons on my camera are for? I’m delighted to announced that I, Sabra, can officially take a picture on the manual setting. This is a big moment people. Clearly, I have lots of practicing to do, but I’ve accomplished the first step and for that I deserve to indulge in some midweek carbs.

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