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Chicago: Day 2

Day two in Chicago started with a monsoon. Seriously, I have never seen it rain that hard ever. The Husband sweetly went out to get me coffee in the morning and by the time he got back, it looked like he had jumped into a lake. Predictably, I had another mini meltdown when I was told we would be cancelling our sightseeing activities. So instead of our architectural boat tour, we ate more pizza and then went in search of umbrellas and some covered shopping on Magnificent Mile.  Miraculously, by mid-afternoon the sun came out and the boat tour was on again. Seeing the gorgeous city from the river definitely tops my list of fav activities. We also caught glimpses of the air and water show!

After the tour, we went over to the Hancock Building to see the spectacular view people rave about. We had a drink at the Signature Room, took loads of pictures of ourselves against the backdrop and I finally felt like I had seen Chicago! Fast forward to more free wine and rest before going out to dinner at Japonais, which came highly recommended by lots of Chicago bloggers. And I’d like to thank them because we had the most insane chocolate-filled donuts and green tea ice cream for dessert. Also, I can’t stop fantasizing about the miso soup. After dinner, we took our young asses to the club. I think it was called Sound Bar and even though it’s not my typical scene it was fun. Anytime I have bottle service and a table to sit at I have fun. Another extremely late night followed by a 6 a.m. wake-up call. Then we went home and I slept for 12 hours straight. The end!

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Chicago: Day 1

It took me long enough, but I finally got around to sorting through the photos from our whirlwind trip to Chicago with my brother and his gorgeous gf. We were only there for two full days so we had to cram in a hell of a lot of eating, drinking and sightseeing in 48 hours.

Day 1 started at Wrigley Field (post camera battery-meltdown). It was like the most crowded game since 1978 or something. Lucky me right?! We bar hopped in Wrigleyville before entering the historic stadium for some good ol’ fashion baseball. Unfortunately we didn’t stay till the 7th inning stretch since we had to head over to Millennium Park and take 300 pictures of our reflections in the Bean. We also had to eat deep dish pizza since the closest thing we have in Southern California is BJs.

Then it was a walk through the city back to our hotel where we indulged in a wine happy hour courtesy of Hotel Allegro (because free wine is awesome) before getting ready for a late dinner at Frontera. We didn’t have reservations (which you supposedly need to make months in advance), but my brother charmed the hostess into giving us a table immediately and I felt like I was Beyonce or something. After indulging in champagne margaritas, portabella mushroom tacos and lots of guac, we drank our way through the bars in River North until it was well past my bedtime.

Come back tomorrow for the recap of day 2 in Chicago!


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Chicago Preview

Chicago exceeded my expectations. By a lot! What a fantastically fantastic city it is. We flew home yesterday and I’m wishing I was still there. We averted two near crises. One, I left my camera battery at home and had a meltdown when I realized this fact. “We’re not in a third world country,” the Husband said as he attempted to ease my hysteria. And he was right. There was a camera store a few blocks from our hotel and we bought a new battery before we headed to the baseball game.

And two, it rained harder than I’ve ever seen on Saturday afternoon, which meant we had to alter our initial sightseeing plans. Luckily, the weather changed drastically within a couple of hours and all was well.

I won’t deny I’m overly dramatic and sometimes crazy. It may be a little bit before I go through the hundreds of photos we took, but I didn’t want to leave you empty-eyeballed. So here’s a preview of our weekend in Chicago. And a giant thanks to Erika and Irene for filling in for me while I was out!

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I have so much to do today before we pack up and head out for our long weekend in Chicago. And by so much to do, I mean paint my nails, blow-dry my hair straight and purchase a floppy hat.

I have a couple of guest posts lined up by some of my favorite blog (and soon to be real life) friends Erika of Small Shop and Irene of DesignStiles. You’ll want to come back tomorrow for your daily dose of coolness. And I’ll see you on Monday!

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We’re Going To…

Guess where we’ll be this time next week? Chicago! I think I’ve told you before that I haven’t seen much of the US of A and we’re attempting to change that.

On the itinerary so far:

  • Baseball game at Wrigley Field (the Cubs vs. the Cardinals – apparently that’s a big deal or something)
  • Drinks at the top of the John Hancock building
  • Fine dining
  • Spending money along Magnificent Mile

Currently accepting any and all recommendations. Especially with restaurants. Please help. Happy Friday!

By the way, how incredible are these images of Chicago? They’re taken by Alicia Bock whose photography captivates me. I use the term “captivates” only when I mean it. Seriously, I want to fill my walls with her photos.

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Timely Fortune

My fortunes are usually bullshit, but every once in a while I get one that’s actually applicable to my life. The Husband and I haven’t taken a legitimate vacation since we went to Italy in 2008 and I think it’s time we finally plan something. We’re thinking mid-March since he’s on Spring break. Now we need to decide if we want to stay in the country or travel overseas. Our options?

Domestic soil: New York, New Orleans or Chicago. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never been to any of these cities. Unpatriotically, I’ve seen more provinces in Canada than I have states in the U.S.

Foreign soil: Thailand, Brazil or Nicaragua.  We’re aiming for exotic.

I’m going to go stalk Jetsetter now. Feel free to offer up any suggestions or recommendations!

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