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Moody Monday

I didn’t do anything worth blogging about this weekend other than finally acquire a taste for Pellegrino so I’ll introduce you to someone who has her shit together.

Naomi of Design Manifest is real good at creating moods boards that appeal to my pupils. Like the following three inspired by these bold statement pieces. I can’t decide if I like 1 or 2 better, but I would happily squat in all three.

Naomi is also an expert DIY-er. She can make cheap ikea stuff look like expensive non-Ikea stuff. Like this superb Rast hack. Meanwhile, I can barely get my shit together long enough to spray paint a couple of candlesticks. Bloggers like Naomi blow my brain.

You should immerse yourself in her blog for a couple of hours. Good things will come of it.

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Do You Shag?

This is so 2009 of me, but I just ordered a white shag rug for the living room. As the weather gets cooler, I like to cozy up the space I spend the majority of my time in, and there is nothing more warm and inviting then a fluffy placemat for your feet. In our first apartment together, the Husband and I had a shag rug from Ikea. It shed like crazy but I never stopped wanting to make out with it. The Husband, on the other hand, despises shag rugs. I have yet to inform him of my recent purchase. I’m expecting an angry phone call as soon as he reads this post.

(image via Apartment Therapy)

(image via House and Home)

(image via Attic Mag)

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Dining Room: Before & After

The dining room isn’t finished yet, but it has come a long way since redoing our floors a few months ago. The new rug I ordered was delivered yesterday and it’s so much less depressing than the red one (see below). The big pieces are in place, but there’s a lot of styling left to do. As promised, here are a couple premature before and after photos.



I switched out our old Ikea chairs with the lucite ones to make the room look bigger, painted the mirror, brought in a bar cart I found on Craigslist and replaced the rug. It’s almost pretty enough to start eating in.

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Cocktail Hour

Things are finally starting to come together in the dining room. I got my lucite chairs, painted the mirror white and ordered a new rug, and last night, I scored another amazing Craigslist find: a bar cart. The piece is extremely sturdy and the chrome, glass and marble are exactly what I was looking for. The best part was the price. I was a savvy negotiater and brought the price down $65 so I paid a total of $130 for a gorgeous bar cart. I tapped danced home last night. Here are some photos of the bar cart (I threw some stuff on it for effect, but don’t plan on keeping it styled this way).  My rug should be coming next week and once I have that in place, I’ll be posting before and after pictures of my dining room. Stay tuned…

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A Girl Can Dream

I think it’s pretty vulgur to skin, tan, and walk all over a cowhide in the name of interior design, but every once in a while I come across the most beautiful piece of animal skin that makes me wish I could ignore my stupid principles. Like this divine metallic cowhide rug from Shades of Light. Luckily, my lack of sufficient funds for such an extravagance overrides my weaning conscious. But isn’t it gorgeous?

(Image: Shades of Light)

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Animal Love

The Husband won’t let me adopt any more animals so I need to find other ways to express my infatuation with all things furry, feathered and finned. These are some of my favorites.

Trout Silkscreen with Blueberries Pillow – Lacefield Designs

Animal Cutouts Pillow – West Elm

Bird Throw – Z  Gallerie

Vintage Bird Duvet – West Elm

Dog 1986– Andy Warhol Print

Giraffe Animal Rug – Seville Collection

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The Right Mood

Sometimes it’s hard to picture what I have in mind for a certain room without seeing it all together in one place. My first order of business is to redecorate the dining room. Last night, I removed our old dining room chairs and replaced them with the new clear acrylic chairs that are apparently all the rage. I hate to be trendy,  really I do, but my small space requires invisible seating.

Once I got the new chairs up, I immediately became depressed. They do not go well with the current rug and other decor in the room. The mood is now dark and ominous. I plan to change all of that and I decided to get crafty today and create a ghetto mood board (I don’t have Photoshop skills, so copying and pasting images onto Word is the best I can do). What do you think?

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Andalusia Envy

This West Elm Andalusia rug is the only one I can picture in our dining room and I’ve decided to save up my lunch money for it. It’s going to take awhile since the size I need will set us back nearly $500.  Trust me, I’m going to scour the Internet and outlet stores in search for a similar, less expensive version, but the color and pattern will go perfectly with our dark flooring and new ghost chairs, which were delivered yesterday.

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