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A picnic is one of those activities that sounds so quaint, but The Husband and I have never actually gone on one. Partly because we don’t have a basket and lugging around a cooler is the opposite of romantic. Also because it’s illegal to drink in any public beach or park in our city and you know alcohol is necessary. And we don’t have a blanket so essentially we’ve pretty much killed the novelty of the entire thing.

Still every weekend I debate whether or not to throw some snacks together, fill up our to-go coffee mugs with champagne and lounge outdoors on our beach towels. Maybe this is the weekend we will. Happy Friday!

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We experienced a perfectly perfect summer weekend. What makes a weekend perfect?

  • Four-course meal a la a private chef
  • Fire pits and cocktails
  • Naps
  • Pilates and pampering with a funny friend
  • Doggie play dates
  • French toast with family

The only thing that could have made it better would be a five-day weekend. Seriously! How many of you also have just Wednesday off for the Fourth of July? That doesn’t even give us time to recover from a hangover.

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It feels like Summer Spring in Southern California so we’ll treat it like it: lounging and eating fresh stuff. Happy weekend!

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This has been a busy few months. It’s like I suddenly developed a social life or something. We’ve spent most of our weekends away from home and recently indulged in an overnight trip to Palm Springs and a sugary breakfast at Cafe Europa to celebrate the Husband’s birthday.  Breakfast is underrated don’t you think?

There’s something about the Husband being in school that makes us want to fill up all his free time with travel. But real life resumes today and so does my countdown to the season premiere of Gossip Girl!

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Flowers and Gelato

Scenes from August 6-7. Still recovering from August 13-14. We’re cramming our weekends with summertime activities like it’s going out of style. On this particular one, we took a stroll through downtown Del Mar, had drinks on a terrace overlooking the water, then topped it off with gelato and a nap. Perfect right?

All images by me.

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We’re Going To…

Guess where we’ll be this time next week? Chicago! I think I’ve told you before that I haven’t seen much of the US of A and we’re attempting to change that.

On the itinerary so far:

  • Baseball game at Wrigley Field (the Cubs vs. the Cardinals – apparently that’s a big deal or something)
  • Drinks at the top of the John Hancock building
  • Fine dining
  • Spending money along Magnificent Mile

Currently accepting any and all recommendations. Especially with restaurants. Please help. Happy Friday!

By the way, how incredible are these images of Chicago? They’re taken by Alicia Bock whose photography captivates me. I use the term “captivates” only when I mean it. Seriously, I want to fill my walls with her photos.

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Perfect weekend to get hot and sweaty no?! I’m hoping the weather cooperates with our big plans to celebrate our anniversary. Husband, you did make big plans didn’t you?

1, 2, 3, 4

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Long Overdue Vegas Recap

I didn’t have the balls to take my camera to Vegas a few weekends ago (since we’d be spending most of our time in a drunken stupor next to a pool), but I did manage to steal a few of the photos from some friends. Most of the shots were on one of the memory cards that was lost sometime between the drunken stupor on Saturday and the drunken stupor on Sunday. So I’m telling the story the best I can with the photos we have left.

A huge group of people went giving the impression that I’m a popular person with lots of friends. This is not the case. My brother is a popular person with lots of friends and I’m a professional tag along 😉

We drank fruity alcoholic concoctions by the pool and in the pool and around the pool.

There was some PDA action in the club most likely induced by the consumption of $22 cocktails.

We reunited with old friends, bonded with new friends and then found a place to sit because my feet hurt.

Vegas is fun and the people we went with are coolio, but that much “partying” nearly killed me. After all, I’m not a young girl of 27 anymore.

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I will spend my weekend in this position. I may also lie down with a book. Depends on how frisky I’m feeling. Have a good one friends!


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Summer Street Style

I’m playing some serious catch-up at work and at home right now.  That’s what happens when you spend 3 days in a mojito-roulette-pool party haze. What I’d rather be doing is strutting down the sidewalk in a breezy maxi. This is what I consider to be the perfect summer weekend uniform.


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