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Marilyn or Brigitte?

I allowed myself one small glass of wine with my dinner last night. Life got slightly more interesting during that hour.

In other news, I’ve been working with Irene to add a little oomph to my living room and dining room. That gurrl is magical. Despite the stupid requirements I’ve set (low budget, no painting, low budget, must keep giant sectional for The Husband) she’s already managed to make my place look more Rue and less Trading Spaces. New pieces are starting to arrive and fabrics are being determined. Next up, I need to make a decision on the large piece of art I plan to put over the couch against my black wall. Here are the ones in the running.

The first two are photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Lawrence Schiller and the last is of Brigitte Bardot on the set of Et Dieu Créa la Femme (which translates to “And God Created Women”). All would be framed in white.

Which one is your favorite?

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My Favorite and My Best Art

Two extremely poignant happenings have marked my place in adulthood:

  1. I finally acquired a taste for black coffee
  2. I commissioned a piece of art

That’s right, you guys. I’m officially a black coffee drinking art collector. Last week, I was perusing MFMB and nearly expired when I spotted one of Jenny’s masterpieces. I think I experienced the feeling one must experience when one comes across a piece of art that truly moves them. Toasting Marshmallows moved me. But the mother effer was sold.  I immediately contacted Jenny and professed my love for her art and she in turn agreed to paint something special for me.

Now I’m waiting anxiously for my painting. How good is her stuff?

See more on MFMB and Minty or commission your own!

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Wasted Rita

Is anyone else suffering from first-of-the-year-induced chaos? Between work and my diet, I’m more murdery than usual. Poor Husband has to live with me.

The most poignant print ever!

Other good prints to display in your cubicle.

Wasted Rita

Buy here.

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Black and White

Is there anything more stunning than black and white photography? You’re welcome!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Comp Couture

Your computer deserves an outfit change every once in a while.  The photos and illustrations on Society6 is created by thousands of artists worldwide and each piece is available as a canvas, print, laptop or iPhone skin. There are a million  to choose from so go choose. And happy almost Friday!








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Hazy. Unpredictable. Dramatic.

These paintings by Ryan Coleman make me happy.

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Monday Haunting

I  crave provacative photography almost as much as I crave horror movies. It’s a sick addiction. Swedish photographer Anna Malmberg’s images are the perfect Monday morning wake-me-up. It gets my blood pumping hard. Can you appreciate?

All images: Anna Malmberg Photography

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Guest Blogger! Gift Guide for Animal Enthusiasts

One of my new favorite bloggers is JoAnn from i’d rather be shopping. Her amazing style and good grammar skills are enviable, but it’s her love of animals and courage to quit her corporate job that makes me want to marry her.  J is one of the sweetest bloggers out there and I was thrilled when she asked me to guest post on her blog (read it!). Then I forced asked her nicely if she would make an appearance on the Lonely Wife Project. How happy am I that she agreed to put together a gift guide for me and the other crazies who would rather shop for animals than humans! Thanks, J, for this brilliant post!

i’m joann from i’d rather be shopping and i’m bringing my gift guides over to the lonely wife project today…thanks for having me, sabra!  when i first discovered the lonely wife project, i took note that sabra had lovely taste and a beautiful home….and then i noticed that she had the most adorable family of pets!  i am a dog lover without a dog (no pets allowed in my apartment) so it was love at first sight when i saw lily, poppy and dexter.  while i am pining away for a puppy this holiday season, it is only fitting that i live vicariously through sabra and put together a pet gift guide in honor of her furry friends.  from super luxe to playful gifts, there’s something for every lovable creature in your life…happy shopping!

1.  alessi lulà dog food jar, $40   ~  2.  alessi lulà dog bowl, $80  ~  3.  go!petdesign eicrate, $220  ~  4.  louis vuitton baxter gm collar, $290  ~  5.  louis vuitton baxter xsmall dog collar, $290  ~  6.  kelly lamb for areaware geo-birdhouse (design public), $95  ~  7.  elizabeth paige smith kittypod mini standard (design public), $98  ~ 8.  louis vuitton dog carrier 50, $2,100  ~  9.  dog ruff cuff set in plaid (posh puppy boutique), $45  ~  10.  kiehl’s pampered pooch collection, $44  ~  11.  chewy vuitton chew toys (trixie + peanut), $12-15   ~  12. pottery barn dog house silver-plated frame, $24  ~  13.  alessi tigrito cat bowl, $90

14.  vintage renaissance upcycle pet bed (etsy), $60  ~  15.  trixie + peanut lexi pet tote, $79  ~  16.  puppy cake fifi’s favorite carob cake and frosting (posh puppy boutique), $8  ~  17.  miss debbie’s k9 cookies carob bones (posh puppy boutique), $15  ~  18.  trixie + peanut felt catnip donuts, $14 for 2  ~  19.  trixie + peanut bouncy beastie dog balls, $7-15 each  ~  20.  thermo kitty hut (posh puppy boutique), $60  ~  21.  planet dog wood chuck ball (amazon), $24.95  ~  22.  jungle butterball mice for cats (trixie + peanut), $5 each  ~  23.  trixie + peanut barkin’ bandito puptron tequila & ruffio cigar, $25  ~  24.  des jardins pet beds (trixie + [peanut), $49-69  ~  25.  aroo studio bright sparrows cat collar, $19.50 each  ~  26.  aroo studio lipstick jungle collar, $32.50  ~  27.  aroo studio diagonal stripe collar, $32.50  ~  28. orbee tug toy (amazon), $19.95

and if you truly want to pay tribute to your furry family member, then you could always commission a custom portrait!

top:  johns painting custom pet painting (etsy), $120  ~  bottom:  studiolegohead custom embroidered dog portrait discovered via the neotraditionalist (etsy), $320

lotsa love,

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Paint Me a Picture

I started this art project a few weeks ago, but can’t pull myself away from the CW Network long enough to finish. I’ve only gone so far as to resurface these old canvas clocks and they’ve since been blocking the Husband’s motorcycle parking in the garage. He’s starting to show signs of aggression. So I’ve been obsessively perusing blogs in search of inspration. It wasn’t too hard to find.

I LOVE this piece from Jen of Made by Girl

And all of Nicole’s paintings from Sketch42 make me wish we were best friends and it was my birthday.

Purchase  Nicole Cohen’s paintings from her Etsy shop.

I also love the modern simplicity of these black and white prints.
Image via Decor Pad

Image via Decor Pad

I have a couple of days off of work next week before my trip to Atlanta so maybe I’ll bust out my paintbrushes.

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Somedays, I fancy myself an artist. I’m not good, but years of practice doing paint-by-numbers has taught me a thing or two about the craft. I recently decided to repurpose four square canvases I have stashed in my garage. I’m going to resurface them with gesso, splatter on some paint and call it modern art. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to my coloring books.

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