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Marilyn or Brigitte?

I allowed myself one small glass of wine with my dinner last night. Life got slightly more interesting during that hour.

In other news, I’ve been working with Irene to add a little oomph to my living room and dining room. That gurrl is magical. Despite the stupid requirements I’ve set (low budget, no painting, low budget, must keep giant sectional for The Husband) she’s already managed to make my place look more Rue and less Trading Spaces. New pieces are starting to arrive and fabrics are being determined. Next up, I need to make a decision on the large piece of art I plan to put over the couch against my black wall. Here are the ones in the running.

The first two are photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Lawrence Schiller and the last is of Brigitte Bardot on the set of Et Dieu Créa la Femme (which translates to “And God Created Women”). All would be framed in white.

Which one is your favorite?

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Master Mood

I was drunk Pinning one night and resolved I would finally get around to updating our master bedroom. These spaces turned me on.


And this is how I’m making my vision come to life:

crystal wall sconce; swan watercolor; mirror; vases; lamp; tray; salmon throw; leather ottoman; pillows; gallery wall.

New lighting, art, and accessories are freshening up the cave.

I’ll have you know that I’m a bargain hunter and I scored that ridiculously expensive mirror for $20 at TJMaxx. It’s the exact same thing on a smaller scale and I love waking up to it every morning. Also, I don’t plan on spending an arm and a leg on an ottoman or trays or accessories, so I’ll continue scouring until I find affordable versions.

I’ll share photos of the end result when it’s closer to complete.

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We’re doing it you guys…We’re refinancing our house and I have paint in my hair to prove it.

We spent all day (seriously, all day) yesterday prepping our house for the appraisal. That meant fixing up the giant hole in our loft where the skylight used to be (against HOA rules) and deep cleaning that shiz.

We took the loft from this…

to this…

It’s nothing fancy, but it works for now. Also, I have vowed never to paint another wall again in my life. Excuse me while I go tend to my aching cells.

P.S. The Husband swore he would kill me if I posted this picture but I couldn’t help myself. He should know better than to strike a pose when camera is in hand. I’m prepared to face the consequences of my actions.

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Good Monday everyone. My champagne-induced weight gain is officially out of control. Sadly, the celebration must come to an end. But thank you all for congratulating me. It makes me feel really important and stuff!

Okay so when I wasn’t binge drinking this weekend, I was visualizing ways to make my house feel less Christmasy and more Springy. I immediately flipped through Kate Ridder’s Rooms, which is filled with photos of fresh, colorful interiors that make my space look bland in comparison.

What I love the most though is how Ridder mixes contemporary pieces and bold colors with vintage patterns and antiques. What I learned from this book:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of interesting lighting
  • An orange couch is cool
  • Wallpaper something stat

Are you also feeling the urge to freshen up your space?

Buy your copy here.

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To Do

Today I’m going to put the finishing touches on my Christmas decorations.

Wrap presents with The Monster.

Indulge in a little pre-Christmas Eve adult beverage consumption.

And overall be merry that I don’t have to work until next Tuesday. Happy holidays!

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Horse Play

Another day, another dollah. That’s what I say to myself every Monday morning to help get me through the week. I also treat myself to an energy bar.

Speaking of treats, I’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of a few great giveaways in Blogland and most recently won a magnificent horse sculpture from my design savvy bestie Elizabeth of Modern 24/7. I actually squealed when I tore through the ginormous box to find this beauty. He doesn’t yet have a permanent home (I’m thinking he’ll eventually sit on the entryway console when I actually get around to buying and styling an entryway console). But for now, he’s content on my dining room table where he’s the center of attention. The Monster sniffs him an awful lot and once even snarled in his direction, but they’re almost on friendly terms. Isn’t he precious?

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Another Day Another Light Fixture

For our anniversary, the Husband paid an electrician to install the new light fixture I got for our dining room. And I paid someone to give me a massage so the Husband doesn’t have to. Aren’t we a thoughtful couple?

We’ve been lightless since the bubble chandelier debacle a few months ago and I finally took Elizabeth’s advice and opted to add more natural texture to the space. It’s not absolutely perfect, but it was relatively cheap and does the trick. I’m the worst at photographing interiors so trust that this looks better in real life. And it gives off a romantic glow.

Click here to see the the bubble chandy and here to see the evolution of the dining room.

West Elm Abaca pendant

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Closet Shame

I couldn’t sit still when I got home from work last night and started obsessively cleaning the house. Even the dogs started to worry when they noticed I was skipping the Biggest Loser to scrub the sink. I also cleaned the stove, took out every scrap of trash and did two loads of laundry, all of which I usually save for the Husband.

There is a reason behind my madness though. My month has been crazy and cleaning/organizing is my way of bringing some semblance of order into my life.  I was on Pinterest (my new hobby) and saw these images of gorgeously simple clothing racks, which put my overstuffed, overzealous closet to shame. I didn’t actually get to organizing my closet last night though. I’ll save that for next Tuesday’s activities.


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(Wo)Man Cave

Remember this room?

Now it looks a little more like this…


Not as ugly

I had no intention of redecorating our loft space, but my cousin was moving out of her apartment and had some furniture to get rid of and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by. A couple of coats of chalkboard paint, a new couch and armchair and some accessories completely turned the once overcrowded room into a less overcrowded room. There are still a few things left to do like draw on the walls and insert a bookshelf along the back of the space, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Husband refuses to have me go on calling the loft a man cave though. Acoording to him, the pink pillow officially converts the space into female territory. So despite my orginally trying to create a nicer place for the Husband to enjoy football games, I inadvertantly turned it into my own haven where I can sip wine and watch Sex and the City in peace. Amen.

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Did I catch your attention? Good. Now back to my boring home decor post, which has nothing to do with sex. I snatched these horn candlesticks at the flea market for $10. They’re replicas of much more expensive versions I’ve seen online. I’m going to spray paint them since the black isn’t really doing it for me. Should I go with a glossy white or a brassy gold? Tell me what to do.

We had an exhausting weekend filled with endless driving, relocating furniture, painting and other body-breaking work. The man cave is still in the works, but it looks like a completely new space after just 48 hours. I’ll post progress photos soon. Happy Monday cheries!

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