Hotel Living

Like Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen, former Ralph Lauren designer, Nicole Hanley Mellon, and her husband live in a hotel in New York. Specifically The Pierre. Aren’t rich people so fascinating?

They threw some paint over the wallpaper, replaced the carpet and combined their art collection to make the space homey and eclectic. I need to start collecting art instead of dogs.


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15 thoughts on “Hotel Living

  1. Phonemail! You’re making me LOL’s with your “rich peeps” talk… 🙂 Loving that living room, all of the textures and all of the fabulous art layered on the walls. Stunning!

  2. deuxchicago says:

    Oh. My. PENGUIN!! I need one. Also, a baby and a dog but I strongly feel that the fenguin (that’s faux penguin) is the most realistic of the three opportunities. Love this apartment and totally agree – rich people are so fascinating. -L

  3. everswoon says:

    I can’t imagine living in a hotel, everything so easy! What an incredible art collection they have. btw – baby and yorkie on bed. adorable, albiet too close to the edge, but still cute!

  4. Doesn’t Serena live with Blair now? So that’s not a hotel. Come on now, Sabra 😉
    Unless I’m behind as I’m like 2 episodes off.
    I dig it. Particularly the sofa styling, but not the sofa arms.

  5. I’m way feelin her pops of neon yellow……..mmmmmmmmmmmm, yes. What the hell does her husband do for a living? How do these people get so much money? Are they accepting applications???

  6. elizabeth says:

    I am also obsessed with the Alexandra von Furstenberg lucite pieces they have and would put my Harry Allen roller skate inside a cube like that! great idea. But my fave part of this whole thing is the screaming baby. Love that they just photographed him as is instead of waiting til he was happy…hee hee
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  7. rebecca says:

    art sucks. collect dogs!

  8. so jelly of this entire place… it makes my place look so amateur! lol

  9. Neda says:

    Not sure what to think about hotel living but they sure know how to decorate it and make it their own. I love their art collection!! xx

  10. Aubrey says:

    Absolutely stunning…and yes, rich people are CA-RAZY interesting…It completely boggles my mind to think about *paying* for living in a hotel…and I’m thinking a Super 8, not The Pierre. Holy Schizters.

  11. designstiles says:

    Haute damn, this place is amazing. Every time I see Andy Warhol’s Flowers print I feel a bit cooler for having it (granted a fake) in my office. Notice how she put that little piggy inside that lucite side table with neon trim? Jealous!

  12. kristina says:

    this is such a colorfully fun place!

  13. lily says:

    That is quite an art collection…must be nice to live in a hotel !


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