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This week I:

  • Did a cleanse
  • Ate vegan
  • Practiced yoga

I’m such a cliché. The only thing missing is an Om tattoo. I have to admit, I feel pretty good. Happy Friday friends!


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Also, this is my screensaver on my work computer right now. Yup, some random person’s puppies. They make me laugh out loud. TGIF!


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Au Naturel

In this kind of mood today. Unfortunately, I’m wearing eyeliner and pants with a button so it’s not in the cards for me. But there’s always the weekend!

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I woke up this morning fully thinking it was Saturday. It’s Friday. So instead of a mimosa on the couch, I settled for black coffee at the office. Oh the struggles we must endure.


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Wild One

It’s Friday thank God. This week I accomplished the following:

  • Limited wine consumption to only one glass per night.
  • Exercised five days in a row.
  • Didn’t spend a dollar on lunch or coffee.
  • Caught up on So You Think You Can Dance

See, I can be tame. Also, where can I find this print of Ann-Margret in extra large? kthxbai.


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We have a busy weekend ahead of us, so tonight, while The Husband is at a work event, I’m going to light a fire, drink champagne and play Bejeweled like it’s nobody’s business. Happy Friday!

Photos: Guy Aroch via

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Ms. Mary

Me this morning, minus the gaptooth:

Me at work:

Kidding!! I’ve only had one teeny glass of wine all week and I only half pretend to be Mary Effing Sunshine at work. The other half is Mary Effing Intimidating.

This weekend, I plan to finally start updating our master bedroom. I’m not making drastic changes, but new lamps, textiles and art should make it less vomitous. Enjoy your weekend!

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Ironically, when I dubbed myself “The Lonely Wife” I somehow gained a social life (rhyming not intended and kind of gross).  Double date tonight at Alchemy and LA tomorrow to celebrate my best friend forever’s birthday with a private dinner and wine tasting Frenchy style…Ooh la la!

Eight more hours until oblivion. TGIF!

Image via myself

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