Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

A 10-year old supermodel you guys! Okay she’s not all the way super, but her status is rising fast.  As you can imagine this French stunner is already stirring up controversy too. Apparently, she’s “too sexy” in some of her photos. I don’t feel strongly one way or another about said sexy photos. What do you think? Too much for a 10 year old?

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43 thoughts on “Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

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  2. Bela says:

    I don’t really have a problem with the photos. Perhaps the leopard print ones are a bit much but over all I am just jealous.

  3. Jennifer says:

    She is beautiful no doubt about it. Although as a mum of three children and a person with common sense, I would like to think that none of us are naive enough to believe that there isn’t at least one (if not hundreds/thousands) of pedofiles through out the world who use a photo of Thylane to arouse their sexual desires from start to finish. You know exactly what I’m talking about & you know darn well that it happens daily. Just curious, are you okay with it? Oh, I’m sure it happens all the time with pedo’s getting their “nightly fix” with a cute photo of Elle Fanning in hand among many others. Just writing this completely disgusts me more than I can put into words. I’ve been a parent for 10 years and not ONCE have I put a front face photo of my kids online for the world to see because pedofiles have no limits. I mean come on people, somebody’s got to be thinking this through! These are precious children we are talking about and we as a society are saying that “there’s nothing wrong with putting photos out there to arouse child predators.” No we can’t change the craziness of the world, but this is something we CAN control and say NO to! Even mommy bloggers out there need to realize that some of the most faithful “followers” of their blogs might just be SICK people who really enjoy seeing the adorable pictures posted of their children. If you are one that still doesn’t see the harm in putting photos out there for pedofiles to use for their pleasure, well I don’t even know what to say…

  4. chritz says:

    its sad… should we let every ten year old girl be a model? because i see pretty girls everyday who are just as pretty if not prettier than this girl (i work at a department store) as a pretty liberal 19 year old this disgusts me-i don’t even get it-what is she a model for? because we damn well know that women buy clothes not 10 year olds and these clothes just aren’t going to fit a woman. for art? let’s be serious here, im scared for this girl’s future. as a girl its hard enough to grow up let alone have grown men looking at your photos, pedophiles, creeps, they will be following her career more than other 10 year olds. as a victim of sexual abuse as a young girl, around the same age as her, this scares me . and you need psychological help if you think its okay. you are literally delusional if you do not think 50 year old pedophiles are looking at this picture right now jerking off.sorry have to say the crude truth. i saw the vogue shoot several months ago and i was shocked. this should be a legal issue.

  5. Debbie says:

    Hmmmm… she is stunningly beautiful, but as a mother and grandmother, there is no way that I would let my child be photographed like that (particularly the last two shots). Let her be a child – there’s plenty of time to do the grown up stuff!

  6. rodriquez says:

    Shes a beautiful child. What an incredible face she has!! I personlaly do not like the lst 2 shots for Vogue,it is a bit too much for me,because she is still a child.But the rest are FINE!!and gorgeous.She looks like a beautiful child in those photos and there is nothing inappropriate about them.That is how she looks.For those that say all her photos are sexualized,are ridiculous.if you have a healthy mind,you will not look at this child and think about anythink sexual.Only someone with some perversion would think that.I can see why someone would find the last 2 inappropriate, but why not look at it as cute,since every little girl dresses up in moms clothes?? i really think some people need to get their dirty minds out of the gutter. She has an obviously unique look, and that face is just amazing!i wish her luck in her career.maybe shell have a fabulous career as a model for a while,then have money to do anything else she wants in life!! Good for her!! What I wouldnt do for that hair!!wow

    • chritz says:

      perversion exists in the picture not in the minds of people who think this is wrong-if putting a ten year old in heels and a dress cut lower than any dress i would ever wear isn’t perversion then i dont know what is..

  7. nannybro says:

    Drug addict by 12, I predict….

  8. roland says:

    she’s wonderful and sweet @ the same time. even sexy 🙂 good luck 4 her …

  9. bigbeautifuldarkbroendeepsetdoeeyes says:

    It’s sick to sexualize children this way.She’s beautiful,but as many people including many heterosexual men have said,Angelina Jolie is ugly,she looks like a trout fish(some say Kissing Gourami, Carp,Blowfish etc) because her lips are too big and an ugly fish shape.

    Jonbenet Ramsey was beautiful,but overly sexualized too.

  10. lilypie says:

    wow to the people agreeing with this. you should be ashamed of yourselves, sexualising kids at ten years old. she looks like a tart. her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. Mahendra says:

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  12. Mahendra says:

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  13. Mahendra says:

    Not everyone can to this, she is doing this because she has that talent. She looks more beautiful in red dress. Check out this most amazing
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  14. Dusty Miller says:

    It is funny, she has been modeling for a couple yrs now, even topless, but people don’t complain until she has makeup and heels, the world is full of prudes, she will have a wonderful career, and her parents will see to her childhood, my hats of to them..

    • Xiavronique says:

      I completely agree with you, the problem with those who are against it are obviously those who should be minding their own parenting skills rather than others, there is NOTHING wrong with her photos & she does NOT look like a tart whoever thinks so are those who need to be fixed not this girl nor her parents.

  15. Lena says:

    She’s beautiful, she has talent… not many people can model as well as this little girl. Maybe too suggestive, but if you don’t like it, don’t buy the magazine! Don’t look at it if you don’t like it. Thylane will go on to have an incredible career (Vogue. At 10!!!). Her parents might be up to question, but we have no right to force them by law (as they’re proposing to do…) to tell them not to allow her daughter to go off and start her own career as a model. Unless they where physically abusing her, of course. This is an isolated case that does not require a committee or law. If the public didn’t want this type of thing, then there wouldn’t be any. Vote with your dollar.

  16. Kat Stewart says:

    Pedophiles dream alright. Indeed she is a beautiful young girl. Unfortunately the hyper-sexualisation of children in media advertising is becoming “normalised” so goes under the radar. This is disturbing. Ultimately this young girl’s face is being used for the creation of profit and her own mother is lining her pocket with the wealth her daughter can instigate. The people whose posts on here say they are “jealous” of her lips, legs etc, what is wrong with you?? She is a child and should not be exploited or objectified in the way she has been.

  17. leah stone says:

    yes she looks pretty, but the shots of her in that gold dress where the neck line goes to her navel is way too much for someone so young. there is no way i would let my daughter wear something like that. i want to know where the parents are in all of this. creepy and a peado’s dream.

  18. I’m jealous of a 10 year old. Is that normal? Those eyes and those expressions.

    The pics are fine, I question the bare shoulder and the leopard is just not cute.

  19. Chassity says:

    10? That’s all? I knew she was young but whoa, that girl is absolutely beautiful. She’ll only get more gorgeous too. I had only seen that very first photo on pinterest (with people commenting that it was too sexy). I don’t know that I think it’s too sexy, maybe slightly suggestive but you could also look at it in a way that that’s how little girls are.

  20. thebeautyowl says:

    So jealous of how beautiful she is, but if I looked like that I’d wait a few years, girls can be walking on the catwalks at 14 so why can’t this little girl just act her age for the moment and appreciate her childhood. Those last two photos and the bare shoulder one were pretty poor taste, the second last was probably the worst though with the plunging neckline and the bunnies it was like a paedophiles dream.

  21. Cannot believe what a looker she is at 10! What the heck does her mom look like?

    I think they’re all totally fine, except for the coy bare shoulder and the leopard (creepy). Otherwise she is just pretty. Let’s watch this one.

  22. Is this for real? She’s 10 and I’d die for those eyes, lips, legs, HAIR, lanky arms… So jeal!

  23. those lips?! i would give anything for a pair of those. but yes, as one said above, glad i have boys!

  24. those lips?! i would give anything for a pair of those.

  25. Becca says:

    Wow! She is stunning! But some of those photos are a bit too much for a 10 year old…She’ll have a long career regardless!


  26. I just found out about this girl over the weekend and I was floored! usually I’m not that easily impressed but this child is beyond.. It’s hard to understand how a 10 year can be so enigmatic and on top of that a poet!


  27. Belen says:

    I think her mom is Angelina Jolie! Shes stunning and I love all the pictures.

  28. elizabeth says:

    She reminds me of my niece, so I think she is gorg and not doing anything wrong, but I agree with everyone above. The last two make me feel like I am at an auction for white sex slaves who are hopped up on heroin and I only have to put in the winning bid of 3 million dollars to be the first to take this one’s v-card.
    Disturbing. (Why did this comment sound like the plot of the movie Taken?)
    -e (

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Yes. Too much for a 10 year old–glad I have boys. Gorgeous though.

  30. Lily says:

    Wow ! She’s super gorgeous but I agree that the last two are a little much for a 10 year old.


  31. designstiles says:

    Yeah, it makes me feel like a bit of a pedophile even looking at her zexy shots. In the last two she totally has the face of someone twice her age. And the one with the cowboy hat is a bit too seductive. Gorgeous girl, so maybe agents want her before she goes through her awkward phase in life. Ha! I doubt this girl will have an awkward stage.

  32. Whoa. She’s definitely gorgeous, but I don’t think I’d allow my 10 year old daughter to be photographed that way. She’d have to have a very stable home life for this to not turn into a train wreck.

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