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Casual Chic Friday

This weekend may be the last time we can get away with an outfit like this until next Summer. Take advantage. Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend yo! I’ll be dancing with my girls and celebrating The Husband’s birthday. It’s going to be exceptional!


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A picnic is one of those activities that sounds so quaint, but The Husband and I have never actually gone on one. Partly because we don’t have a basket and lugging around a cooler is the opposite of romantic. Also because it’s illegal to drink in any public beach or park in our city and you know alcohol is necessary. And we don’t have a blanket so essentially we’ve pretty much killed the novelty of the entire thing.

Still every weekend I debate whether or not to throw some snacks together, fill up our to-go coffee mugs with champagne and lounge outdoors on our beach towels. Maybe this is the weekend we will. Happy Friday!

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Cleanse Day 1

I’m cleansing you guys. I scoured the Internet until I found a doable detox program and the Four Elements Cleanse seems doable. I’ll eat high fiber fruits, veggies and grains and drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for the next 7-10 days. Easy peasy. Except I make everything extra difficult for myself. I overindulged this weekend so I’m starting off puffier than usual and craving a pretzel like a mofo.

It’s been three hours. I have a headache. I want a cup of coffee. I’m gagging over the detox drink. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling in a few days. Happy Monday!



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A Weekend With DesignStILes

This weekend, I did some heavy drinking with this family.

And fell 100 percent in love with this face, swollen eye and all.

And nursed a hangover with mojitos.

Seriously you guys, Irene and TH are crazy in the best way possible. They drink, they swear and they have dogs. Everything I want in friends. As expected The Husband and TH hit it off and may have done more talking than us ladies. See, you can make friends on the Internet.

And some iPhone pictures…

We cheated on our dogs with each other’s dogs.

So Irene, when can we hang out next?!

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Random Stuff

It’s actually embarrassing how much my life revolves around food and dogs. Good thing I’m secure with myself.

Our weekend was perfectly lazy…BBQ with friends, extra long naps, and two frozen yogurt runs. I even made The Husband watch the latest Twilight movie. We got halfway through it and decided that sleep sounded more appealing than watching Kristen Stewart try to act. How was your weekend?

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My Weekend

Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, French fries. It was that kind of weekend. Don’t worry, there was strenuous exercise involved too. I work out hard to eat harder.

Somehow, The Husband convinced me to get on a bicycle (one of those thin-wheeled road bikes with the shoes you have to clip in, you guys). After a rough 18 miles and one small tumble when my legs literally collapsed, there are areas on my person that are still screaming at me. I promised her a Thai massage next weekend!

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Not So Well

My running around like a crazy person for the last two months finally caught up to me. Luckily I have the weekend to recuperate. Just bed, tea and TV. And maybe a glass or two of wine if I start to feel better. Happy weekend!


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On the Agenda

This weekend I plan to do some major organizing, thrifting and specialty cocktail making.  Blood orange, ginger ale and whiskey cocktails anyone? Recipe here.


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Monday Update

This weekend I actually got some personal stuff done like sleep and finish the first season of Downton Abbey. I feel really accomplished.

-Continued work on our master bedroom.
-Sprucing up my office at work.
-Stormy weather = TV and pasta.
-Non-alcoholic ginger and basil drink for my well-being — sometimes I refrain from alcohol.
-Tempeh eggs benedict for brunch.

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Weekend Stuff

Glimpse into my weekend:

Whiskey flight – I managed one sip
Monster play
My bff got engaged – Seriously look at that sparkler
Vintage beetle
Happy hour saki and Prosecco
Got my nails did – I contemplated shades of red for a good 8 minutes

I also saw Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night Live and felt sad.

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