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Reform Yourself

You know I fancy myself a hippie despite my entire life, which indicates otherwise — corporate job, V6 engine, regular use of a curling iron — so I love pretty things that are friendly to the earth. Take the fashion brand Reformation for example. They repurpose vintage and surplus materials to make stylish goods that are more suitable to my age group than say Nasty Gal. And they manufacture their own stuff in their LA and New York studios so we don’t have to worry about children sewing our clothes. Oh and don’t get me started on the accessories.

Shop on their website or browse their blog for more on this brand. There, I’ve done my good deed for the week. Have a happy weekend!


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Acquired Goods

This weekend I was gifted with some fantastic stuff and then I went rifling through the Parents’ house in search of more stuff — lucky Husband huh? 

First and foremost, I want to pay homage to these colorful, hand-embroidered, textiles my mom had stashed in her garage. I’m thinking of framing one to add some much needed color and texture to the dining room.

And then I found this kilim handbag my mom used to carry when she was a teen. Lucky for me, she kept it all these years. I also scored a vintage silk shirt that belonged to my grandma in the 40s.

Things I acquired because I turned another year older…Iranian hand-etched brass swans from my mom, ombre martini glasses from my cousin, a vintage corkscrew, candle snuffer, Alex and Ani eco-friendly “S” bracelet and the most gorgeously photographed cookbook from my brother and his girlfriend. Are you dizzy yet?

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Educate Yourself

I finally got around to seeing Lone Scherfig’s An Education with Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard and it was goooood. The wardrobe was sourced from vintage dealers and costume houses and to call it glamorous is an understatement. My eyes got prettier after watching.
Image credits: Sony Picture Classics
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Vintage Christmas

We’ll be in Atlanta for the holidays this year — where my sister-in-law is getting married — so there won’t be much effort in decorating for Christmas at our house. We’ll probably pull out our old holiday decorations and keep it simple. But if we were to be spending time at home, I’d definitely go with a non-traditional, romantic, vintage vibe. 

A full tree with a few strategically placed ornaments

Presents wrapped in newspaper.

Paper flower garland on my new black wall.
Pretty stockings hung from the fireplace.

Sweet handmade wreath on the door 
Vintage twinkle lights strung throughout

 Images: Marie Claire; Toast; Red Door Home ruffle top stocking; Jane Joss fabric wreath; Apartment Therapy twinkle lights;

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I Need an Escort

I recently ordered this print from Etsy that’s definitely going somewhere near the bar cart. Still thinking of other things I need to make it all come together. Like EVERYTHING here. That ice bucket and pitcher! I desire very badly.

(image via Lonny)

Or this tray and those blue tumblers.

(image via Modern 24/7)

Somebody please escort me to the flea market this weekend. I don’t like to shop alone.

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Give Me the World

On Saturday me and the Husband hit up the local swap meet in San Diego for the first time since moving here in 2005. I’m still not sure why he so sweetly agreed to accompany me since he despises digging through other people’s junk, but he’s full of suprises like that.

I was in search of vintage art, a tray for the bar cart and a globe. The place was huge and I gave the Husband the task of hunting down my globe. He spotted one, but it had already been picked up by another patron who stared at it for a good three minutes before purchasing it for $7.

I asked for the world and he couldn’t give it to me. I love him still.

(image via Lovely Design)

(image via)

(image via)

(image via)

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Bad Habit Accessories

I’m on the hunt for a fancy ashtray. The Husband likes to enjoy a cigar now and then and I like to puff occasionally so we want something pretty to look at while giving ourselves cancer. Ashtrays have gone out of style quicker than you can say cigarette so it’s tough to find something that doesn’t resemble the $1.99 ones they sell at the dollar store. On the flip side, the gorgeous antique ashtrays I found on 1STDIBS cost way more than I would ever spend, but there’s no harm in fantasizing.

It’s Hermes. I love it. Enough said.


This pair of Murano Iridato Glass Ashtrays by Seguso sort of look like silicon implants, but something about them is incredibly sensual.

This dreamy Tiffany Art Moderne Sterling Silver Cigar Ashtray from 1940 makes me want to take up smoking. It’s so Mad Men, isn’t it?

I die for the color of this Fontana Arte ashtray, but the $2,800 price tag is absurd.

I’m heading to the dollar store.

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Oil portraits are making a comeback and I dislike. It’s one thing if the paintings are of old kin, but how many of us have those laying around? So either the portrait would have to be new, which in my opinion is tacky, or vintage. I almost always root for vintage but who wants a giant picture of a creepy stranger in their home? Maybe it’s just me, but something about oil portraits makes me feel like I’m about to ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. What do you think of this trend?

(Image: The Brass Petal)

(Image: c/o Rue Magazine)

(Image: c/o Rue Magazine)

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