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I Moved!

Remember that huge secret I was keeping from you? Well, it’s finally time to let you guys know that I have started a photography business! Yes, tis’ true and explains my prolonged absence. I would be so honored if you checked out the goods and followed along on my new blog. Thank you all for your support!

Find me at SabraLattos.com and follow me here!


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Substitute Post

I had a recipe post set to go today and somehow deleted and then got too frustrated to rewrite so instead here are a few images that are sitting well with me today.

I would also like to announce that I’ve started watching the Vampire Diaries. It’s addicting. The Husband is anxiously awaiting the day I stop loving shows targeted toward teenagers.

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Per my iPhone. Excuse this lazy post.

Two pomegranate margaritas led to a two hour nap on Sunday afternoon.

The Monster hanging out in his usual spot on the staircase.

Me and my ewok taking in the heat in Palm Springs.

My brother teaching me how to be cool.

All BBQs from this day forward should involve tequila and ginger ale.

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Street Style Circa 1944

Even before the inception of blogs, young women would dress in their finest and prance around the streets hoping to be photographed. And photographed they were! One can argue that Alfred Eisenstaedt was The Sartorialist of the 20th century. I present you the Beautiful Girls in New York series he shot for LIFE magazine in the ’40s. See narcissism existed long before the Internet.


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I Learned Something

Did I tell you that I took a photography class and finally learned what all the buttons on my camera are for? I’m delighted to announced that I, Sabra, can officially take a picture on the manual setting. This is a big moment people. Clearly, I have lots of practicing to do, but I’ve accomplished the first step and for that I deserve to indulge in some midweek carbs.

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Monster Shoot

On Saturday, we took a stroll by the beach and an impromptu photo shoot happened.  You guys, The Monster attracts more attention than Kim Kardashian and there was a small group surrounding us while The Husband took snapshots. I now know what it’s like to be a B-list celebrity.

Between the wind, the crowd and Dexter’s curiosity, I was battling a whole shitload of elements. The photos aren’t perfect, but it’s a pretty good depiction of a day in the life of The Monster.


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Pic FX

Yesterday, one of my blog BFFs Rebecca June introduced me to the best new picture app on the iPhone. Pic FX people. Get it! I immediately got to work editing the hell out of my pictures. Preview of the different effects below. It’s not surprising that most of the photos in my album are of dogs and alcohol. I’ve become predictable.

P.S. the two dashing gentleman in the pic with me are my baby brothers.

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Monday Haunting

I  crave provacative photography almost as much as I crave horror movies. It’s a sick addiction. Swedish photographer Anna Malmberg’s images are the perfect Monday morning wake-me-up. It gets my blood pumping hard. Can you appreciate?

All images: Anna Malmberg Photography

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