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One time, our anxiety-ridden puppy tore through a window screen onto the roof as we were leaving the house. The Husband sprang into action to save her and I just froze. Because that’s what I do under pressure or in emergency situations. I freeze. I’m not proud of it, but it explains why I’ve been so neglectful as of late.

I’ve been in a work-induced coma and I don’t expect I’ll come out of it until March 30 when two of my big projects are put to bed. Don’t worry, I just punched myself for using the phrase “put to bed.” Also, I’m working really hard to compartmentalize the various pieces of my life so that one doesn’t completely overwhelm me, like my job is currently doing. I really want to be more carefree, you know?

I’ll try my absolute hardest to be as consistent as possible on the blog over the next few weeks, but I really appreciate you guys not writing me off completely.  Kthnxbai!


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Shoe Drawer

I moved into my very own office yesterday per my recent promotion. The best part about having your own office — a shoe drawer!! Dreams do come true people.

You see, I walk 5 blocks twice a day to get from my car to the office and vice versa. So rather than ruining my heels and killing my feet, I make the trek in flats and change at work. And now, I have a dedicated spot for my office-appropriate footwear. Ahhh the good life.

Happy Friday!

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Congratulations to Me

I complain about work and then guess what happens? I get promoted. Seriously you guys! I got promoted yesterday out of the blue. I must say this is the highlight of my career. The moral of this story…complain about work more often. Okay, I’m going to be drinking my weight in champagne this weekend. Celebrate for me!


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Cubicle Space

I’ve spent 182 Mondays holed up in my bare corporate cubicle and I have to come to terms that I’m not going anywhere for a while. Since I’m at work for more hours than in my own bed, it’s time to declutter the shelves, remove all traces of plain manila envelopes and fung shui this joint. Drool-worthy pens, a python embossed journal, and shiny accessories would slightly diminish my location-induced depression.

1. IOMOI bamboo pens 2. Diane James Home cream tea roses 3. Crane & Co. bee icon calling cards 4. Jayson Home & Garden gold python journal 5. West Elm hammered tray 6. ModernArtEveryday desk calendar 7. Z Gallerie crystal stapler 8. See Jane Work fleur de lis letter clip.

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Playing Dress Up

The Husband and I attend several corporate holiday parties in December. And every year, I face the same dilemma: how much skin can I show without looking like a floozy in front of my coworkers? When I shop for holiday dresses, they need to be work-party appropriate and young and glitzy. I also aim to buy things that can be reworked and reworn a dozen more times either to the office or on dinner dates. I’m annoyingly practical.

Either of these dresses will get me through all the work, wedding and party-related events this month. Does someone want to give me a gift card?

1. Joie portia dress; 2. Miss Selfridge petites metallic plisse dress; 3. BCBG asymmetrical shirred dress; 4. BCBG shirred mesh dress; 5. J. Crew dusted sequined shift dress; 6. Anthropologie past echoes dress

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Playing Hooky

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a day off from my real job to flip through magazines, browse my favorite blogs and nurse a pomegranate mimosa. It’s the perfect way to enjoy some downtime before the holiday hype.

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