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Theming It

Tomorrow night I’m hosting a beer tasting, scotch drinking, cigar smoking party for The Husband’s birthday/graduation complete with bar snacks and brownies. It will mark my official foray into themed parties. Before you know it, I’ll have more mason jars and chalkboard paper than I know what to do with.

Happy weekend!


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Settling Down

My weekend was much too decadent. One should not consume that much bread, ice cream and alcohol unless one is asking to be seriously nauseous on Monday. Now that birthday week is officially over, I need to settle my ass down with the frivolous spending and frivolous drinking. I am 29 now you know.  So my goals for this year are:

  • Stop buying throw pillows
  • Take photography classes

Easy enough.

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What’s a birthday without presents? Stuff I covet and may have already gifted to myself from myself 😉

Chloe Angie handbag to carry all my stuff in.
Candles because I burn them all day everyday.
YSL lipstick  — the best nude shades.
Intimates because I appreciate soft, delicate things.
Books, particularly large, photo-filled ones.
A stand mixer so I can bake for God sakes.
Art for my new office.

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I’m Not 30 Yet

Yesterday, I aged another year.  Besides my occasional joint pains, I don’t feel a day over 16. I celebrated with my family, watched The Hunger Games (so good) and drank my weight in champagne. And because I’m an attention seeking control freak, it’s also my birthday week, which means everyone has to do whatever I say until next Sunday.  Poor Husband 😉



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Acquired Goods

This weekend I was gifted with some fantastic stuff and then I went rifling through the Parents’ house in search of more stuff — lucky Husband huh? 

First and foremost, I want to pay homage to these colorful, hand-embroidered, textiles my mom had stashed in her garage. I’m thinking of framing one to add some much needed color and texture to the dining room.

And then I found this kilim handbag my mom used to carry when she was a teen. Lucky for me, she kept it all these years. I also scored a vintage silk shirt that belonged to my grandma in the 40s.

Things I acquired because I turned another year older…Iranian hand-etched brass swans from my mom, ombre martini glasses from my cousin, a vintage corkscrew, candle snuffer, Alex and Ani eco-friendly “S” bracelet and the most gorgeously photographed cookbook from my brother and his girlfriend. Are you dizzy yet?

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I’ve had a long and fabulous weekend in Hollywood with my gorgeous friends (there were many a celebrity sighting). We dined and danced and gabbed until dawn, but now I’m back to being a lonely wife. By the way, I left the Husband to fend for himself and he got a taste of the lonely life. He doesn’t enjoy and now has more appreciation for my blog habit.

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