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My new overdyed rug was delivered yesterday! Operation “Spruce Up Living Room” begins May 5 immediately after every inch of upholstery and carpet in my house is professionally scrubbed and steamed. Living with OCD and animals is not easy.


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Good Monday everyone. My champagne-induced weight gain is officially out of control. Sadly, the celebration must come to an end. But thank you all for congratulating me. It makes me feel really important and stuff!

Okay so when I wasn’t binge drinking this weekend, I was visualizing ways to make my house feel less Christmasy and more Springy. I immediately flipped through Kate Ridder’s Rooms, which is filled with photos of fresh, colorful interiors that make my space look bland in comparison.

What I love the most though is how Ridder mixes contemporary pieces and bold colors with vintage patterns and antiques. What I learned from this book:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of interesting lighting
  • An orange couch is cool
  • Wallpaper something stat

Are you also feeling the urge to freshen up your space?

Buy your copy here.

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the marion house book

There are few things that excite me more than “before and afters”  and I’m constantly stalking the Interweb to catch a glimpse of other blogger’s creative genius. Here I present you Emma of the marion house book. Her recent bedroom reveal knocked my bra off. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint and an ode to organic can do. It doesn’t even look like the same space. What do you think?



And this was her mood board

Visit Emma’s blog for all the details.

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Desk of Lola

Green trim, purple tiles, quirky paint job, stuffed dolls! I just forgot about food for a second. There’s so much to love about this Santa Monica home designed by the Desk of Lola. Move me in immediately. I’ll even take the kid if she comes with it.

Images from the Desk of Lola

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Once Upon

I’m intrigued by headless photography, but adding pretty clothes, pretty interiors and a pretty damn squishable dog takes it to another level.  

Former fashion editor turned photographer Heidi Lender shot this series of self-portraits “Once Upon,” where she explores herself through environment and apparel. Isn’t it lovely? Heidi also recently moved to a 100-year-old ranch in Uruguay and she obviously knows how to decorate. I discovered this treasure through Desire to Inspire, one of my favorite design blogs. For more from this photo series, go here.  And you can find more photos of her current home and previous digs in San Francisco here.

All photos by Heidi Lender

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I’d Rather Be Reading

Kelly Wearstler does mood trays people. Trays!! Between Kelly’s  new blogHigh gloss Magazine, and rue I’ll have enough entertainment to keep me far away from the Super Bowl on Sunday. (Yes, I’m the wife of a former Pac 10 football player and I have zero interest in the sport. He loves me still). Happy weekend friends!

Image via Kelly’s new blog. Go stalk it.

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I’d Move to Australia For This

Furniture designer Mark Tuckey’s house. It’s since been sold. I was not the buyer.


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A Girl Can Dream

I think it’s pretty vulgur to skin, tan, and walk all over a cowhide in the name of interior design, but every once in a while I come across the most beautiful piece of animal skin that makes me wish I could ignore my stupid principles. Like this divine metallic cowhide rug from Shades of Light. Luckily, my lack of sufficient funds for such an extravagance overrides my weaning conscious. But isn’t it gorgeous?

(Image: Shades of Light)

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