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This bitch can do no wrong. Ultimate chicness. I can’t even handle.


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Love for Lana

You know who’s ridiculously cool? Lana Del Rey. Sultry, sexy and interesting. She’s been described as a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra.” I know she’s accused of being an industry creation (aren’t they all) and criticized for getting plastic surgery (don’t they all) but I don’t care. She puts my love for Britney Spears to shame.

This New York Times magazine interview is fairly old, but captures her pretty perfectly. Read it here. Now excuse me while I go apply liquid eyeliner.

Images c/o Interview magazine, New York Times Magazine and last.fm

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I’m tired of the same rib and restalyne look in Hollywood. Today I’m inspired by Jane Fonda. Do you guys watch Newsroom? If not, do so immediately. It’s realz good. And Ms. Fonda made a guest appearance on Sunday night’s episode. Unfortunately, she’s become victim to the rib and restalyne look. I guess it’s just the evolution of Hollywood.


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A Man and His Beard

Beard maintenance is a thing now, you guys. I was recently made aware that the coolest men are conditioning their facial hair with special made-for-beard products. Because I aim to be cool, I immediately purchased some Wild Man beard conditioner for The Husband. Now he smells like he was hit in the face by a lumberjack with an almond-tainted rosemary bush. There’s nothing sexier than a man who smells like a spa!

Tom Hardy via


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Street Style Circa 1944

Even before the inception of blogs, young women would dress in their finest and prance around the streets hoping to be photographed. And photographed they were! One can argue that Alfred Eisenstaedt was The Sartorialist of the 20th century. I present you the Beautiful Girls in New York series he shot for LIFE magazine in the ’40s. See narcissism existed long before the Internet.


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I have a crush and her name is Clémence Poésy.  She’s French. She’s famous. I can’t stop staring at her. I also appreciate her simple style. It’s the opposite of hobo chic.



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Corsets have long been a symbol of female oppression (this is about as feminist as I get on this blog so bear with me). But are they really that different than the hell we put ourselves through today to look good?

“The corset was associated with high status and with respectability, indicating you’re not loose,” said Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “Also, it enhances the sexually dimorphic curves of the female body. It acts like a proto-Wonderbra and also emphasizes the waist-hip differential, which makes you look younger, slimmer, and curvier-which is still what everybody wants. But now women get on a StairMaster or get plastic surgery instead of putting on a corset.”

Interesting huh? I argue that yesterday’s corsets are today’s Louboutins — gorgeous but the pain sort of makes you want to commit a crime. What say you?

Images via . Read “Everything you know about corsets is false” here.

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Boy Wonder

Andrej Pejic is a guy you guys! And he’s beautiful. And he’s a supermodel. And I’m jealous of his mug. He’s insanely androgynous and can model both men and women’s fashion. Oh and did I mention he’s 20 years old. What do you think?

Read more about Andrej here.

Images via

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Beauty Queens and King

 My household is like high school all over again. Everyone is competing to be Queen Bee.  The rivarly can get exhausting.

Happy Friday!

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Eye Candy

I’m heading to LA tomorrow to celebrate my bffs birthday with some other femmes. We’re going to eat French food, drink champagne and maybe even associate with a celebrity or two.

I spend most of my time in corporate attire or pajamas. I need to be reminded how to glam up. I think this beauty does the trick.

Viktoriya Sasonkina by Anna Palma & Ray Brown for NAAG via noirfacade

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