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I Moved!

Remember that huge secret I was keeping from you? Well, it’s finally time to let you guys know that I have started a photography business! Yes, tis’ true and explains my prolonged absence. I would be so honored if you checked out the goods and followed along on my new blog. Thank you all for your support!

Find me at SabraLattos.com and follow me here!


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I started this blog almost two years ago exactly when The Husband went back to school to get his MBA. I had some serious time to kill. He’s graduating in a few weeks and that phase in my life is coming to an end, which has me thinking…what the hell have I done with myself in the last two years?

Blogging has pretty much improved the quality of my life. I made some really funny friends, discovered I love photography and finally learned how to navigate Etsy. I have a love hate relationship with my blog, but I can’t bring myself to quit. What I do need to do, though, is focus more of my energy on other creative projects and get really good at something like photography. So instead of this being the Lonely Wife Project, I’m officially dubbing this next phase as the “Figure My Shit Out Project.” Please bear with me as I try to figure my shit out.


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Street Style Circa 1944

Even before the inception of blogs, young women would dress in their finest and prance around the streets hoping to be photographed. And photographed they were! One can argue that Alfred Eisenstaedt was The Sartorialist of the 20th century. I present you the Beautiful Girls in New York series he shot for LIFE magazine in the ’40s. See narcissism existed long before the Internet.


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I Learned Something

Did I tell you that I took a photography class and finally learned what all the buttons on my camera are for? I’m delighted to announced that I, Sabra, can officially take a picture on the manual setting. This is a big moment people. Clearly, I have lots of practicing to do, but I’ve accomplished the first step and for that I deserve to indulge in some midweek carbs.

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Vogue Turkey is killing it with this editorial. Wearing designer dresses and being the center of attention on a beach is at the top of my bucket list.  Can you tell I have my priorities in order?

Also, it seems my eyebrows are incredibly popular among models. Also, today is my Friday as I’m taking tomorrow off to get pummeled by a Thai masseuse and then drink away the pain.

Publication: Vogue Turkey
Issue: March 2012
Title: Desert Jazz
Models: Ranya Mordanova and Janice Seinen Alida
Photography: Phil Poynter
Styling: Ece Sukan

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A Day With Marilyn

Have you guys seen these recently uncovered photos of a fresh-faced Marilyn Monroe. They were shot by LIFE photographer Ed Clark in 1950 right before she blew up as a sex symbol. Gorgeous right?


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Ben Toms

Ben Toms is my go-to guy when I need a pretty picture fix. He has shot campaigns for brands like Prada, Miu Miu, and Topshop and does tons of fashion editorial work. He makes my eyes feel real good. Mario Testino who?


Look through his entire portfolio here.

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Monster Shoot

On Saturday, we took a stroll by the beach and an impromptu photo shoot happened.  You guys, The Monster attracts more attention than Kim Kardashian and there was a small group surrounding us while The Husband took snapshots. I now know what it’s like to be a B-list celebrity.

Between the wind, the crowd and Dexter’s curiosity, I was battling a whole shitload of elements. The photos aren’t perfect, but it’s a pretty good depiction of a day in the life of The Monster.


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Another iPhone App

The number of photography-related apps on my iPhone is a prime example of my addictive personality. My latest obsession is Fotolr PS. It makes quickie collages for quickie blog posts. I present you scenes from my morning.

I spend the majority of it staring into my closet, drinking coffee and walking the dogs. Then I get into my car and make the “another day another dollah” face to amuse myself. Happy Wednesday!

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It’s Personal

Guess who woke up this morning and decided she was in desperate need of a personal day? An organized, responsible individual would spend this glorious, cubicle-free afternoon Christmas shopping or getting her eyebrows waxed. But the bed beckons. So does the Kindle. Have a productive Friday friends!

Photos taken with my iPhone. I’m getting creative huh?!

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