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We Partied

Well I’ve determined that I don’t ever want to be a party planner. That shiz is hard so if that’s your line of work, I commend you. Our small party seemed huge in our teeny house, but we made it work and based on the empty bottles and our neighbors’ complaints, I think our guests had fun.We set up a full bar inside, beer tasting and cigar bar outside and passed around no frill hors d’oeuvres. We also had ice cream cake and chocolate peanut butter bars that everyone raved about.

I wish I could give you a visual, but I realized that when you host a party, it’s rude to expect your guests to wait around while you set up a tripod and take pictures. I didn’t even Instagram you guys! So just imagine it looked like this:



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My weekend was incredibly PG, except for the nudist beach part. Blacks beach in San Diego allows full on nudity and while prancing around naked isn’t my thing, we go because it’s less crowded than the clothed parts of the beach. It’s not easy getting there though. Think long, steep hike on rough terrain. I sustained an injury. Also, I learned that I giggle every time I see a penis so I spent the entire time at the beach laughing. The Husband called me immature.

Other than that, I ate a lot of kale and drank a lot of spicy water and took a lot of pictures of my dogs. We’ve decided to continue this ridiculously healthy eating thing a little while longer since we’re both feeling so ridiculously healthy. Cheers to cayenne pepper!

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We experienced a perfectly perfect summer weekend. What makes a weekend perfect?

  • Four-course meal a la a private chef
  • Fire pits and cocktails
  • Naps
  • Pilates and pampering with a funny friend
  • Doggie play dates
  • French toast with family

The only thing that could have made it better would be a five-day weekend. Seriously! How many of you also have just Wednesday off for the Fourth of July? That doesn’t even give us time to recover from a hangover.

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TGI Freaking F

I get to hang out with an extremely lovely lady this weekend.  I need to stock up on wine and tequila. Happy Friday!

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I woke up this morning fully thinking it was Saturday. It’s Friday. So instead of a mimosa on the couch, I settled for black coffee at the office. Oh the struggles we must endure.


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Settling Down

My weekend was much too decadent. One should not consume that much bread, ice cream and alcohol unless one is asking to be seriously nauseous on Monday. Now that birthday week is officially over, I need to settle my ass down with the frivolous spending and frivolous drinking. I am 29 now you know.  So my goals for this year are:

  • Stop buying throw pillows
  • Take photography classes

Easy enough.

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I’m chillin’ in my PJs. About to get my coffee and cereal on. Good Friday!

1, 2, 3

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My Weekend

Is anyone else exhausted? Losing an hour is no joke.

I did a lot this weekend including:

Walk by the beach
Boozy brunch
Long nap with my animal friends
Wedding planning
Chai lattes and raspberry muffins
Quality husband/wife time
Dinner with friends

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Ms. Mary

Me this morning, minus the gaptooth:

Me at work:

Kidding!! I’ve only had one teeny glass of wine all week and I only half pretend to be Mary Effing Sunshine at work. The other half is Mary Effing Intimidating.

This weekend, I plan to finally start updating our master bedroom. I’m not making drastic changes, but new lamps, textiles and art should make it less vomitous. Enjoy your weekend!

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Getting Old

Last week I paid someone to stick needles into me. Acupuncture didn’t  offer the relief I expected and I walked out with $30 worth of herbs I can’t stomach. But I learned how to meditate. And in an effort to keep the good vibes going throughout the weekend, I stayed mostly away from wine, went to bed embarrassingly early, consumed food with lots of antioxidants, and surrounded myself with flowers and puppies. I imagine this is what retirement feels like.

Oh and I also got my Lady Luck rings from Mollie’s giveaway at Twirly skirts. So I’m a winner!

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