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I started this blog almost two years ago exactly when The Husband went back to school to get his MBA. I had some serious time to kill. He’s graduating in a few weeks and that phase in my life is coming to an end, which has me thinking…what the hell have I done with myself in the last two years?

Blogging has pretty much improved the quality of my life. I made some really funny friends, discovered I love photography and finally learned how to navigate Etsy. I have a love hate relationship with my blog, but I can’t bring myself to quit. What I do need to do, though, is focus more of my energy on other creative projects and get really good at something like photography. So instead of this being the Lonely Wife Project, I’m officially dubbing this next phase as the “Figure My Shit Out Project.” Please bear with me as I try to figure my shit out.


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This Weekend…

On the agenda:

Great Dane beach party

Eating a loaf

I assure you I’m not a senior citizen. Happy Friday!

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Wreath Head

I tried to frame my dog’s head with a holiday wreath. He was not amused. Merry Christmas Eve from Hotlanta!

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My Weekend

My poor monster is recovering from a dog bite wound he got last Sunday at the park so I plan to spend as much time as possible coddling him this weekend. Also on the agenda: the Holiday Hootenanny concert in San Diego featuring the Black Keys  and a visit to my extremely talented hairdresser mother for a root touch up.

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Teenage Nightmare

I love my dogs, but I’ve been having a really rough week with Dexter. He’s 16 months old now and he’s an asshole. I think this is his teenage stage. He no longer sits on command, snatches food from the kitchen and thinks my arm is a bully stick. I’ve had puppies before, but none have ever outweighed me, which makes him near impossible to handle when he’s rowdy. On our drive to the park yesterday morning, I almost made a beeline to the pound when he wouldn’t stop barking at the other dogs we passed and nearly smashed my car window with his paw. I had to remind myself that he’s not always going to be an asshole. I’m really looking forward to his senior years.

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Just Beachy

Sometimes I take a break from spending money to spend time at the beach.

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Caught in the Act

She likes to drink greyhounds and read Vogue when no one is watching.


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