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Flowers and Gelato

Scenes from August 6-7. Still recovering from August 13-14. We’re cramming our weekends with summertime activities like it’s going out of style. On this particular one, we took a stroll through downtown Del Mar, had drinks on a terrace overlooking the water, then topped it off with gelato and a nap. Perfect right?

All images by me.

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I’m craving a little adventure. Maybe I’ll make tacos on pizza night.

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Lovefest 2011

I lied to all of you when I said we weren’t big on Valentines Day. In truth, we celebrated with a vengeance.

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I wasn’t expecting the Husband to get me anything, but we both recently read Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Lanuages” and he’s making a serious attempt at speaking my primary love language: receiving gifts. 

He gave me a Kindle. If you know me even a litte bit, you know I should have been a test rat for the Kindle. It was distressing that I, who doesn’t leave home without reading material, was Kindle-less. I finally got one thank God. And flowers too.

In turn,  I’m trying to speak the Husband’s languages. He’s multilingual. We shared an egg white hash and blackberry muffin at our fav cafe in Solana Beach, worked off our breakfast with a four-mile hike in the wilderness, soothed our aching limbs with a dip in the spa and then folded laundry whilst watching the Grammys. It really was the perfect Valentines Day.

I also should add that I have the best mom in the world. For reals. She always finds a way to show me I’m her favorite child and also speaks my love language fluently. She got me the cutest apron and a fantastic bottle of wine. I love you mom and Husband!

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The Husband and I stopped celebrating Valentines day several years ago, but he knows my affinity for flowers and always presents me with the most untraditional arrangements. Roses are sweet, but we like to teeter on the wild side when it comes to flora. Happy weekend of love!

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I Gloat

It feels like Spring in Southern California. I’m sorry rest of the nation.

Also, it’s a three day weekend for me and the Husband. Sometimes corporate America can be kind.

Also, I may have purchased new boots on Gilt today.

Happy weekend!

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Cubicle Space

I’ve spent 182 Mondays holed up in my bare corporate cubicle and I have to come to terms that I’m not going anywhere for a while. Since I’m at work for more hours than in my own bed, it’s time to declutter the shelves, remove all traces of plain manila envelopes and fung shui this joint. Drool-worthy pens, a python embossed journal, and shiny accessories would slightly diminish my location-induced depression.

1. IOMOI bamboo pens 2. Diane James Home cream tea roses 3. Crane & Co. bee icon calling cards 4. Jayson Home & Garden gold python journal 5. West Elm hammered tray 6. ModernArtEveryday desk calendar 7. Z Gallerie crystal stapler 8. See Jane Work fleur de lis letter clip.

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Be Jealous

I know I shouldn’t be this excited over a gift that doesn’t involve diamonds, but the Husband really outdid himself this time. He bought me a six pound cordless vacuum. Nothing else will ever improve the quality of my life more than this little devil.  Isn’t she a beauty?

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Hint, Hint Husband

Remember when Burger brought Carrie “I’m sorry” carnations only to break up with her via a post-it note the next morning? As heartbreaking as the episode was, it did have a happy ending: it became socially acceptable to like carnations again.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks, but carnations are awesome (as long as they don’t come paired with baby’s breath).  I think I’m in need of some fresh flowers right about now.

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