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Busy Bee

Excuse my absence as of late. I’ve been incredibly busy forcing my dogs to pose for photos, taking pictures of flowers with my iPhone, and eating pumpkin bread. I promise to be better.

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While I was out:

  • I celebrated the end of my cleanse with sangria.
  • I celebrated the end of my cleanse with blackberry margaritas and a manicure.
  • I walked off the sangria and margaritas with Dexter.
  • I drank a gin martini to keep the celebration going.
  • I napped away an entire Saturday.

It’s like I’m in college all over again.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sorry for the regurgitation.


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My weekend was incredibly PG, except for the nudist beach part. Blacks beach in San Diego allows full on nudity and while prancing around naked isn’t my thing, we go because it’s less crowded than the clothed parts of the beach. It’s not easy getting there though. Think long, steep hike on rough terrain. I sustained an injury. Also, I learned that I giggle every time I see a penis so I spent the entire time at the beach laughing. The Husband called me immature.

Other than that, I ate a lot of kale and drank a lot of spicy water and took a lot of pictures of my dogs. We’ve decided to continue this ridiculously healthy eating thing a little while longer since we’re both feeling so ridiculously healthy. Cheers to cayenne pepper!

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Also, this is my screensaver on my work computer right now. Yup, some random person’s puppies. They make me laugh out loud. TGIF!


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A Weekend With DesignStILes

This weekend, I did some heavy drinking with this family.

And fell 100 percent in love with this face, swollen eye and all.

And nursed a hangover with mojitos.

Seriously you guys, Irene and TH are crazy in the best way possible. They drink, they swear and they have dogs. Everything I want in friends. As expected The Husband and TH hit it off and may have done more talking than us ladies. See, you can make friends on the Internet.

And some iPhone pictures…

We cheated on our dogs with each other’s dogs.

So Irene, when can we hang out next?!

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Random Stuff

It’s actually embarrassing how much my life revolves around food and dogs. Good thing I’m secure with myself.

Our weekend was perfectly lazy…BBQ with friends, extra long naps, and two frozen yogurt runs. I even made The Husband watch the latest Twilight movie. We got halfway through it and decided that sleep sounded more appealing than watching Kristen Stewart try to act. How was your weekend?

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Monsters Need Friends Too

I’m aware that my blog is getting way too dog-oriented. I hope you appreciate my awareness.

With that being said, if your Monster was part of a Monster meetup and spent a day frolicking with other Monsters at the beach, you would gravitate towards dog-oriented posts too. Believe me!

Excuse the ridiculously poor photo quality. I was trying to not get run over by the Monster stampede.

And if you haven’t entered the best giveaway ever, do so immediately! Click here to enter.

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Happy Hump Day

I ran into these gangstas on the way to the gym yesterday. Little chihuahuas dressed to the nines. They were sporting wigs, hats, glasses, dresses and painted claws. I assure you they were normal house pets and not downtown street performers. A lady (who could’ve used some dressing up herself) was walking them like it was no big deal. It kind of made my day.

UPDATE***I just noticed one is wearing ripped jeans. A chihuahua after my own heart!

bad photos via my iPhone

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Puppy Fever

Turns out all I need to do is stare at pictures of puppies for a couple hours and all is well with the world!


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Confessions of a Dog Mom

Up until about 6 months ago, The Monster drove me batshit crazy.  He was a humongous, misbehaved teenager with excessive energy and an attitude problem. Once he officially outweighed me, there was no controlling him. I fell really hard a couple times during walks (because he sprints after other dogs) and developed anxiety about walking him. I was a hands-off mom, which was hard on the poor Husband.

And then one day, The Monster was less of an asshole. And the following day even more so.  With his new found maturity I decided it was time to face my fears.  I downed an Ativan with a glass of wine and ventured out with my giant beast. We made it a few blocks before my heart started palpitating. But I came home unscathed and congratulated myself for my show of courage. Each day thereafter, Dexter and I walked a little further and I got a little more comfortable and we continued to work on his training. Today, I’m proud to announce to you all (because I know you care about these things) that we hit the two mile mark without a single incident!

With a lot of training, a dash of patience and a dose of prescription medication, I am now one of those people who can take a casual stroll with her animal!

Photo via The Husband

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