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We’re doing it you guys…We’re refinancing our house and I have paint in my hair to prove it.

We spent all day (seriously, all day) yesterday prepping our house for the appraisal. That meant fixing up the giant hole in our loft where the skylight used to be (against HOA rules) and deep cleaning that shiz.

We took the loft from this…

to this…

It’s nothing fancy, but it works for now. Also, I have vowed never to paint another wall again in my life. Excuse me while I go tend to my aching cells.

P.S. The Husband swore he would kill me if I posted this picture but I couldn’t help myself. He should know better than to strike a pose when camera is in hand. I’m prepared to face the consequences of my actions.

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DIY Bubble Chandy: Results

I have a tendency to be a little melodramatic so my memory of the DIY bubble chandelier saga is probably a tad exaggerated. On Memorial Day, instead of barbequing like normal Americans, we tied dozens of small knots around glass globes, braided rope, clustered shit and even shocked ourselves while working on the electrical wiring.

It took a total of several hours, one mini fight, one major fight, and then a lot of love and support as the Husband attempted to hang the damn thing at 9:00 at night. I teetered on an unstable ghost chair and aimed a flashlight whilst cooing words of encouragement. End result: the chandy is done and looks alright. BUT THE MOTHER EFFER DOESN’T LIGHT. There’s a problem with the wiring and we know how to fix it.  But now I’m not even sure if I really like it.

The Husband stated it perfectly when he said “it doesn’t add enough drama to the room.” The clear bubble chandy is too understated and smaller than I anticipated. So either I keep something I’m not crazy about just because I nearly lost a finger making it or I buy something I like and kiss $50 and an entire afternoon goodbye.

What do you think?

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End of Break

Good day readers! I’m sorry to have deserted you for so long, but sometimes I need a break from the computer so thanks for bearing with me.

Our weekend consisted of a lot of driving, a gorgeous wedding, family time, husband and wife time, chandelier building, arguing while building a chandelier, deciding that marriage is more important than DIY projects, and making up over a cocktail and a romantic comedy.

I’ll share the bubble chandelier story and photos as soon as I’ve reached a more stable emotional state, but for now, here are a few shots from the wedding we attended on Friday. It was a traditional Persian ceremony with the most beautiful sofreh aghd I’ve seen. The bride (my friend) was stunning in lace and the reception (held at The London in LA) was posh as hell. Thank God I’m already married so I can be free from the burden of living up to this wedding.

FYI…the really tall, handsome, bearded guy is the Husband and the not so tall, handsome one is my brother!

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All American

My weekend was extraordinarily wholesome. Fresh pasta, smoked gruyere and an early bedtime on Friday night (the Husband participated in his first cycling race at the crack of dawn on Saturday so carbs and sleep were essential). 

Converse sneakers, a bar and grill and a baseball game on Saturday.

And a trip to Ace Hardware on Sunday followed by an attempt  to make the bubble chandelier. I even laid out all the materials and tried to hype myself up with a glass of wine, but then I got distracted so there was little progress. In all honestly, the Husband really wasn’t in the mood for a DIY lighting project so we compromised. I attended a sporting event for his sake and he doesn’t have to make the chandelier until next weekend. See, I’m a selfless wife.

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I waited three months for the Husband’s semester to end so he can help me make this bubble chandie for my dining room. He’s refusing since this is his first free weekend in ages and he doesn’t want to spend it doing house projects. Me threatening to electrocute myself isn’t working so I thought if I put his refusal out in the public sphere it might persuade him to help a girl out.

Wish me luck. Especially you Ms. Modern 24/7 who encouraged this DIY project. If we fail, Elizabeth, I’m flying you to California to put the pieces back together.

1, 2, 3

Also, I was just featured on PocketChange, which spotlights some of the best trends in fashion, beauty and interiors, and highlights bloggers from around the Web (like moi). Click here to read more.

Happy weekend lovely readers!

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Flea Market Candlesticks

Remember when I said I was horny on the Internet? Turns out, spray paint is the cure. These flea market candlesticks went from black to glossy white and currently reside in the office until I can find a more suitable spot for them.

To be honest, I kind of miss them black. Luckily, it’s only paint and I can switch up the color of these babies as often as I want. I’ll keep them as is for a bit, but if they still don’t grow on me, I’ll have to test out another color. What do you think?

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(Wo)Man Cave

Remember this room?

Now it looks a little more like this…


Not as ugly

I had no intention of redecorating our loft space, but my cousin was moving out of her apartment and had some furniture to get rid of and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by. A couple of coats of chalkboard paint, a new couch and armchair and some accessories completely turned the once overcrowded room into a less overcrowded room. There are still a few things left to do like draw on the walls and insert a bookshelf along the back of the space, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Husband refuses to have me go on calling the loft a man cave though. Acoording to him, the pink pillow officially converts the space into female territory. So despite my orginally trying to create a nicer place for the Husband to enjoy football games, I inadvertantly turned it into my own haven where I can sip wine and watch Sex and the City in peace. Amen.

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