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Wild One

Animal print is perfect for Summer, perfect for Fall and perfect for the period between Summer and Fall.


Speaking of wild, this weekend qualified as evidenced below.

I’m so proud to call Erika, Irene and Tamra my approved real life friends!

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I’ve been sick, which is never fun but it becomes even less fun when it causes me to miss my first ever book club gathering. How have I not belonged to one before, you ask. Because I’ve always had social anxiety, which I’ve recently been kicking in the ass. There’s something about getting older that’s making me braver and more confident. Or it could be alcohol. No fears though as this weekend I’m going to participate in the best social gathering of the century. Erika. Irene. Tamra. 80s cover band. Need I say more?

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A Weekend With DesignStILes

This weekend, I did some heavy drinking with this family.

And fell 100 percent in love with this face, swollen eye and all.

And nursed a hangover with mojitos.

Seriously you guys, Irene and TH are crazy in the best way possible. They drink, they swear and they have dogs. Everything I want in friends. As expected The Husband and TH hit it off and may have done more talking than us ladies. See, you can make friends on the Internet.

And some iPhone pictures…

We cheated on our dogs with each other’s dogs.

So Irene, when can we hang out next?!

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TGI Freaking F

I get to hang out with an extremely lovely lady this weekend.  I need to stock up on wine and tequila. Happy Friday!

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Wedding Dresses Galore

Did I tell you my gorgeous BFF got engaged? Did I tell you I’m the Matron of Honor although I’ve implemented a strict “don’t call me a matron” rule? Did I tell you she’s getting married in a chateau in the Champagne region of France? Oh okay.  So my BFF is getting married in France you guys, and I’m the young, bright-eyed, married friend that she’ll get to boss around for the next six months. And we’re going to Europe over Thanksgiving. And I’m going to drink lots and lots and lots of real champagne!

We recently went dress shopping. I was chillin’ amongst Reem Acras, Jenny Packhams, Oscar de la Rentas and of course, Monique Lhuilliers. With her permission, I’m revealing the ones that didn’t make the cut. You will be blown away by the final dress(es)!


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Most of my weekend revolved around food and drink. Surprise, surprise. The highlight was that I tried my first dirty pickle martini, which means I now have a signature cocktail that will make me look cool at bars. Apparently, Cosmopolitans are no longer acceptable. Also, I got to spend time with some of my favorite people on earth who I typically only see on a biannual basis.  Also, I got drunk as clearly evidenced by my crazy eyes in the last photo. Another glorious weekend!

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Best Blind Date Ever

On Saturday, I had a blind date with two of my favorite bloggers Erika of Small Shop and Irene of DesignStiles.  We drank lots of wine, gorged on comfort food and then went drunk shopping, which is the best kind of shopping!

This is us at the beginning of our date. We were very civilized at this point.

And then wine happened.

And sweet potato fries and fancy roasted mushroom and truffle oil flatbread happened.

And pretty soon we let loose, although still fairly civilized.

FOUR whole hours and more wine later we walked to a little boutique not far from the restaurant and took loads of pictures. We even asked the salesgirl to snap shots of the three of us, which I ordinarily would never have the balls to do. But Irene offered to swiffer the floor so it was all good!

Seriously though, it’s incredible how the Internet can bring people together. I feel like I’ve known these girls forever and there wasn’t a single awkward moment. We laughed really loud and everyone in our vicinity probably wanted to punch us. Those are the best kind of dates. I heart you girls!

Visit Small Shop and DesignStiles for more juicy details and photos.

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Blurred Vision

My weekend was one of pure indulgence. Food, friends and lots of red wine. It was a blur to say the least. My detox begins today.

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I’ve had a long and fabulous weekend in Hollywood with my gorgeous friends (there were many a celebrity sighting). We dined and danced and gabbed until dawn, but now I’m back to being a lonely wife. By the way, I left the Husband to fend for himself and he got a taste of the lonely life. He doesn’t enjoy and now has more appreciation for my blog habit.

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