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The End

This morning I saw a homeless man peeing into a gutter. Vacation is officially over. But this weekend I’ll go to Whole Foods to get one of those coconut milk drinks that actually comes in a coconut. That might make me feel better.

Details of our trip I haven’t divulged yet:

  • A lizard moved into our room halfway through our stay. He wasn’t much of a bother after I got over my inital case of the shudders.
  • Every night after the torches were lit on the resort, dozens of frogs would gather around the fire and crowd the sidewalk. And every night, we had to tiptoe our way around the frogs to avoid a smushing situation. The Husband wears a size 15 shoe and I wear a size 6. Guess who stepped on a frog?
  • I attempted to snorkel and it turns out I’m not good at it. Water animals, coral and black rocks make me panic. The Husband had to carry me back to shore.
  • I nearly got killed by a falling palm frond. Those warning signs are not a joke.

In a nutshell I would say our trip was nothing like we imagined and more than we expected. Mind numbingly relaxing and grossly romantic — there’s only so much you can do to entertain yourself with no TV or WiFi for six days. I miss Fiji.

Happy weekend!

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Waterfall Village

And now a little more about our exotic vacation…

The natives in Fiji were overly friendly so of course the cynic in me refused to believe it was real. It was effing real people. I heard more “bula” in our six days on that island than “hello” from my neighbors in the last five years.  One day, we strayed a little too far from our resort.  The air was thick with humidity and my hamstrings were starting to ache. Just like a knight in shining armor, a 76′ minivan (I have no idea what make or model it was, but I’m sure it was assembled in 1976) slowed its engine and offered us a ride back. My hamstrings greedily accepted even though the American in me was shooting off  “kidnap” and “rape” alarm bells.

Turns out our knight, also known as Brother Wamee, coordinates outings for tourists who don’t want to spend outrageous resort fees on day trips. Despite my hesitation — he made a cannibalism joke — we booked a trip to the waterfall village and spent the next day hiking, horseback riding, swimming in the fresh spring water and mingling with the village people and their roosters. 

I remember this day fondly.

Back tomorrow with the last of the photos!

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Fiji Island

Imagine me running around Fiji Island photographing livestock. That’s exactly how I spent 45 percent of my vacation. The other 55 percent was spent sunning myself and indulging in the Stieg Larsson series. Fiji was gorgeous and exotic and tropical and not at all what I expected. I pictured fancy resorts with fancy food and a fancy ocean. Instead I got a simple (but extremely comfortable) resort, fried food and coral-ridden ocean. It was perfect.

Fiji is the most exotic and primitive land I’ve had the pleasure of inhabiting (for a short while anyway). The main road on the main island consists of only two lanes — one side is the sea and the other is a jungle. The Husband and I spent our mornings jogging on the road and came across grazing cows, wild horses, stray dogs and hungry boars. The natives chuckled heartily as they watched the crazy California girl chasing undomesticated animals with her Cannon, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m an animal fanatic.

Here are a few snapshots of the trip. More photos and details coming up tomorrow!

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Home Again

I’m back lovebugs and still in the process of gathering my wits. The 19 hour time difference has put me in a zombie-like trance the last couple of days, but I’m tan, fat and happy so I’d say our trip to Fiji was a success. As disheartening as it was to trade in the tropics for my cubicle, it’s nice to be home with the dogs and eat unfried food. I’m putting together a long post or two with photos and details of our holiday and that should be the last of the Spring Break series. We’ll slowly ease into the real world together.

I hope you enjoyed the guests blogs while I was gone. Thanks to all the fantastic ladies who participated and to all my readers for sticking around. You helped me look forward to coming home.

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Hello Goodbye

For the last month, I’ve shamelessly and unabashedly gloated about my upcoming trip to Fiji. Well, the time has officially come. I’m going to be MIA starting tomorrow, but I’ve lined up more than a week’s worth of guest posts from some lovely blogging ladies who will do their best to keep you entertained in my absence. I know it’s not fair that I’ll be sunning myself on an exotic island while you sit behind a computer screen, so the guest blogger series is going to be all about travel, vacations and weekend getaways because you deserve a virtual Spring break. The lineup includes these amazing, creative, gorgeous ladies (in no particular order):

Alex of Things That Sparkle. Loads of gorgeous design and “stuff I don’t need but really desire” inspiration.

Jessie of Sweet Thing. Sweet style, sweet girl and SWEET photographer! I love Jessie’s photos and My Sweetest Day series.
Elizabeth of Modern24/7. My sister from another mother. She’s a talented designer (see best nursery ever here), enviously witty and nice enough to bbm “interiors” with me for hours.

JoAnn of I’d Rather Be Shopping. My first blog bestie and the cutest girl ever. Her Friday Love Lists are hands down the best on the Interweb.

Belen of Style Notes by Belen. She’s my friend in real life so believe me when I say this girl has the best taste in all things fashion. And she’s cultured and classy. Need I say more?

Lauren of JL Photographers. Loves photography, dogs and wine…and has a cute husband. She’s  me with blonde hair.

Molliee of Twirly Skirts. She’s gorgeous, travels to France annually and has the best pair of gams. Jealous!

I’m off to explore white sands and warm waters. Be sure to drop by each of these lovely blogs for extra inspiration starting tomorrow. I’ll be back before you know it!

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Turkish Dreams

More symptoms of vacation brain.

Sandra by Tamer Yilmaz for Elle Turkey

Eighteen more days until I can order a cocktail that comes in a coconut and get away with wearing a shirt as a dress. Fiji couldn’t get here fast enough.

Have you entered my giveaway?

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Spring Holiday

It’s official. We’re going on vacation next month. Our number one choice was Brazil, but a week is not nearly enough time to see South America and a week is all we have. So instead we’re taking a direct flight to Fiji where we plan to be lazy and get tan. I’m thinking now is the time to update my summer wardrobe!

Anyone else planning to travel this Spring?

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