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Substitute Post

I had a recipe post set to go today and somehow deleted and then got too frustrated to rewrite so instead here are a few images that are sitting well with me today.

I would also like to announce that I’ve started watching the Vampire Diaries. It’s addicting. The Husband is anxiously awaiting the day I stop loving shows targeted toward teenagers.

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Soft and Pretty

Christian Dior’s 2013 resort collection is exactly perfect isn’t it?

In other news, I need to do a cleanse you guys. My last failed attempt was 4 days on the Master Cleanse before I wanted to eat Poppy. So this time, I need some kind of detox that allows food. No juice bullshit. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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Hotel Living

Like Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen, former Ralph Lauren designer, Nicole Hanley Mellon, and her husband live in a hotel in New York. Specifically The Pierre. Aren’t rich people so fascinating?

They threw some paint over the wallpaper, replaced the carpet and combined their art collection to make the space homey and eclectic. I need to start collecting art instead of dogs.


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Vogue Italia: Hot Mess

Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief calls the Black Issue her proudest career accomplishment. Ummmm…seriously? If the entire issue didn’t make me uncomfortable, then the fashion editorial Haute Mess, shot by Steven Meisel, is making me sweat profusely. The group of models are adorned in over-the-top hairdos, nails and makeup and photographed in fast food restaurants and grocery stores. One even bears a faux baby bump. Stereotyping much.

Vibe wrote:

I will give Vogue Italia the benefit of the doubt that it was not their intention to be racist or offend anyone, but let’s keep it real for a minute: How many white girls [or any other ethnic backgrounds for that matter] do you know that dress or look like this? Exactly. Racist may be a little harsh of a word to describe this editorial , but it was definitely done in poor taste and judgement. Fashion is about being creative, pushing boundaries, and being expressive. Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia failed miserably at achieving these goals.

What do you think?


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Rolling in the Deep

Did you guys see Adele in this month’s issue of Vogue? I can’t stop staring at her eye makeup…or her bosom. But, per usual, people are making a fuss about how Photoshopped the images are. Seriously, if I was going to be featured in the best magazine on earth, I would demand they make my skin look glowy and my waist look teeny and my breasts look perky. Do you agree or take me for a shallow ho?

Read the article and see the rest of the images here.

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Cozy Squared

There’s a chill in the air this morning, which makes me want to adorn my elbows in patches and my legs in tweed.  I might even drink something other than wine tonight. I’m in lust with Fall at the moment. Also, I want to read without interruption. I started the Hunger Games trilogy this week and it’s really as good as all the hype around it. TGIF!

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Perfect weekend to get hot and sweaty no?! I’m hoping the weather cooperates with our big plans to celebrate our anniversary. Husband, you did make big plans didn’t you?

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Stocking Stuffers: Under $20

 I would be a happy wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, friend, or dog mom if I were to recieve any of these gifts in my stocking this year. I also love books, cozy pajamas and patterened socks. You listening family?

1. Forever 21 faux fur trapper hat; 2. Topshop bead in wire nest ring; 3. OPI burlesque collection; 4. Urban Outfitters square vintage post earrings; 5. Z Gallerie crystal desk accessories; 6. Vogue magazine subscription;

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Envy: Office Chic

What’s worse than a 8-5 corporate job? Sitting in a cubicle from 8-5. I have to admit I’m one of the lucky few who has a window with a gorgeous view of the San Diego Bay, but even that does nothing for my creative juices. I’ve been telling myself I need to eventually decorate this tiny space but have only gone so far as displaying a fake plant and a couple of framed photos. I wonder if I can get away with adding some wallpaper and maybe a rug. There’s nothing a rug can’t fix. In the meantime, let us take a peek at the offices of really successful people and pray that this will eventually be us.

(Anna Wintour in her office at Vogue)

(Jimmy Choo president Tamara Mellon in her office)

(Fashion designer Peter Som’s office)

(Diane Von Furstenberg in her office – My absolute favorite! )

(Nate Berkus’ office)

(Monique Lhullier’s home office)

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Accepting Proposals

If I were to get married tomorrow, I would don this white dress and force my bridesmaids into the second ensemble.

(Photos: Peter Lindbergh – Vogue, Oct. Issue)

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