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Addicted to Social Media?

This article really speaks to me. It outlines 25 signs indicating you need a vacation from social media. I am guilty of the following:

  • You enter a new place or social situation and you immediately judge whether it’s Instagram-worthy.
  • You speak in hashtags. For example, “I totally just fell down the stairs. Hashtag —fail,” or “I ate too many donuts today. Hashtag—first world problems.”
  • You’re starting to resent the frequency with which you type the phrases, “check out,” “click here,” and “for more details.”
  • You’re frustrated when you see low engagement on your most important personal status updates.
  • When you go out to eat, your food is always cold because you’ve just Instagrammed it into oblivion.
  • You come up with ideas for posts while hanging out with your friends. You immediately start texting yourself future post ideas.
  • You’ve used “Ermahgerd!” when speaking with your parents.

I think we’re all in the same boat right? #bloggerproblems



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Small Shop for HomeMint

The person that Pinned all these glorious interiors obviously has a keen eye for aesthetics. That person is Erika Brechtel of Small Shop and I love her so you must love her. And you know how we can show our love? By helping her become HomeMint’s new contributing editor. All we have to do is repin her choices on her Vintage Eclectic Home board from now until 6/14. The board with the most repins wins and since I’m highly competitive, I want one of my blog bffs to win. So repin that shiz and happy Friday!


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Brow Dilemma

Yesterday I had my first experience at Anastasia Brow studio. I was not prepared. According to Ms. brow specialist who lives by the Golden Ratio eyebrow technique, mine are too thin and too arched. I went in looking unruly and came out looking like I had grown a couple of mustaches on my forehead. She insisted I let them grow out and went to town with a dark brow pencil. The effect looked something like this.

To mitigate my panic, I immediately searched thick browed beauties on Pinterest. It helped a little. I’m giving this b— a month to make me look polished, but if I’m still feeling like Bambi Northwood-Blyth, it’s back to my usual shape.


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