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Organized Creative

So apparently I have a method to all my madness. Go see how I unsuccesfully manage my life on Glitter and Pearls. Click here.


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Under My Reign

While I’m in the presence of the Dalai Lama today, visit Julip Made to get a view of what the world would look like under my reign. It would be a pretty peaceful place.

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Black Beans and Quinoa

Remember when I used to cook? I don’t either. I’ve been too busy going to happy hour and lusting after Wangs. Luckily, my angel Irene gave me the shove I needed to put together some ingredients and take pictures. She’s in South America so I attempted South American fare. Visit me at designstILes today to get the goods on this dish.


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Random Stuff

My apologies for the sporadic posting this week. I’ve been busy eating and stuff. Also, I discovered the video camera on my phone this weekend and caught the animals in action. This is how they behave in their spare time.

And in my most exciting news of today, the lovely Victoria of Vmac + Cheese is featuring me on her Behind the Scenes series today. I get personal so go learn more about my dreams and goals and ambitions. Click here now please.

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Simply Irresistible

Today I’m making people jealous over at Lara’s blog as part of her “I Love My City” series. Mine is on San Diego where I rave about the beach and the weather and the food. Visit me at Simply Irresistible and get jelly!

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Guest Posting at Small Shop

It’s Erika’s birthday week and I threw her a party over on her blog. You’re invited! Come see how much fun we’re having. I’m even sharing a couple of my favorite cocktail recipes!



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Be My Friend

Guess what I did this weekend? Besides get drunk. Absolutely nothing. And sometimes, that’s the way I like it.

So in lieu of a  regular post-weekend post, I’m going to steer you in the direction of Ms. Twirly Skirt’s blog to find out exactly what I got drunk on. It’s a good one. So go visit me there and leave a comment so it looks like I have lots of friends. Thanks friends!

Image by me.

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Julip Made and Lonny

I’m guest posting at Julip Made today! There will be talk of this…

and this…

Come experience the goodness and poke around Julie’s cute as hell blog.

Also, nothing in the new Lonny blew me away, but I did love a lot of the art, wallpaper and ethnic prints featured in the issue. Look at this flowery nursery! I don’t think I could actually do it, but it’s still pretty adorbs, don’t you think?

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