Wedding Dresses Galore

Did I tell you my gorgeous BFF got engaged? Did I tell you I’m the Matron of Honor although I’ve implemented a strict “don’t call me a matron” rule? Did I tell you she’s getting married in a chateau in the Champagne region of France? Oh okay.  So my BFF is getting married in France you guys, and I’m the young, bright-eyed, married friend that she’ll get to boss around for the next six months. And we’re going to Europe over Thanksgiving. And I’m going to drink lots and lots and lots of real champagne!

We recently went dress shopping. I was chillin’ amongst Reem Acras, Jenny Packhams, Oscar de la Rentas and of course, Monique Lhuilliers. With her permission, I’m revealing the ones that didn’t make the cut. You will be blown away by the final dress(es)!


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27 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses Galore

  1. […] other news, we’re in the throws of planning a bridal shower for my BFF. It’s going to be classy. And very French. And it will involve rich shades of purple and gold […]

  2. […] in addition to our trip to France for the wedding in November, we’ve decided to also head to Spain since we’ll already be in that area. […]

  3. Lindsay says:

    OH. MY. Gaaaaah!! Could she be any more stunning?!?!? Gorgeous!

  4. […] wedding in France. Did I tell you that matchy, typical bridesmaids dresses are not required at this wedding. Instead, we’re looking at fancy sh*t in gorgeous fabrics and prints. It’s going to be […]

  5. belenotero says:

    I can’t wait to be at a Chateau with you guys drinking Champagne! November can’t come soon enough!

  6. conciergecouture says:

    The bride, the dresses and the shop are all drop dead gorgeous!!! I hope you share lots of pictures from the super fab and fun wedding. 😉

  7. conciergecouture says:

    The bride, the dresses and the shop are all drop dead gorgeous!!! I hope you share lots of pics from the super fun and fab wedding. 😉

  8. Julip Made says:

    Your friend is STUNNING! Seriously though she could be a bridal model, heck any model. You two will look gorgeous at the alter or should I say in the vineyard in France. Seriously jealous!!

  9. Um…………is your friend a model? The two of you together will be STUNNING!!!!!!! This is like fantasy land……….! Congrats to both of you!

  10. Lulu says:

    Do you know designed the second dress? I’m in love with it!

  11. lily says:

    oh my gosh, besides the amazing dresses, your friend is GORG! thanks for sharing!

    Oh – Fancy That.

  12. DUUUUUDE…. you know this post is speaking to me! Love the designers you mentioned… and seriously a wedding in France??? How freaking dreamy! I’m excited for you, MOH! Let me know if she needs a badass makeup + hair artist! ha!

  13. omg omg omg omg!! You could not be more pretty!!! literally not possible!!!! these are all stunning dresses!!!!! cant wait to see your choise!!

    love K

  14. Iris says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!! You are one lucky friend. And your friend?!?! She is stunning…those dresses are amazing. I can only imagine how gorgeous her dress will be…and yours too. XoXo

  15. Julie Khuu says:

    As if she didn’t already make me jealous with that perfect face and even more perfect dresses! Those wedding deets sound positively dreamy! Oman what an event to remember…can’t wait to follow along with your coverage!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  16. Lulu says:

    Do you know who made the second dress? I’m in love with it.

  17. designstiles says:

    Your friend is so pretty. I’m sure that’s why you’re friends with her. : ) “Dee and I are friends because we both know what’s it’s like to have people be jealous of us” And I’m way jealous that’s you’re going to France. How chic! You must drink champagne in my (matron of) honor. 🙂

  18. everswoon says:

    UMMMM so much to comment on, one! lady of honor? in france? Champagne? my mind can’t wrap my head around all the fabulousness!!! how incredible.

    2 – is your friend a model??? She is stunning!! Omg she took my breathaway on those dresses. not to sound creepy, but she is the most amazing skin! clear as day. ok, did I get creepy?

    either way, thanks for sharing, that was dress heaven!!

  19. Get out!!! That’s fabulous! I need gorgeous and amazing friends who get married in France! And I can’t even imagine how gorgeous THE dress is if these are her rejects. xoxo

  20. elizabeth says:

    The first one makes her waist look so tiny! These are all gorgeous and I can’t believe you are going to France and what a special wedding she is having…jealous – so jealous!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  21. Neda says:

    The one where she’s sitting looks right out of SATC! Gorgeous dresses…what an awesome occasion to look forward to! xx

  22. Aubrey says:

    I can’t believe none of these made the cut…the dress(es) must be extra uber special, ’cause YOWZAS, she is one hot number! And getting married in France is pretty much the height of fabulousness…love it! Congrats to the happy couple and the non-matronly matron of honor (c:

  23. Lauren says:

    oh my gosh, these are all gorgeous! And she didn’t pick any of these?! The first two completely took my breath away.

  24. omg I am in awe of all these gorgeous dresses! I can’t wait to find mine! I love that she is getting married in France:) We are having a small wedding in France for my fiance’s family since they are all there after our wedding here… oh how I miss France!

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