End of Break

Good day readers! I’m sorry to have deserted you for so long, but sometimes I need a break from the computer so thanks for bearing with me.

Our weekend consisted of a lot of driving, a gorgeous wedding, family time, husband and wife time, chandelier building, arguing while building a chandelier, deciding that marriage is more important than DIY projects, and making up over a cocktail and a romantic comedy.

I’ll share the bubble chandelier story and photos as soon as I’ve reached a more stable emotional state, but for now, here are a few shots from the wedding we attended on Friday. It was a traditional Persian ceremony with the most beautiful sofreh aghd I’ve seen. The bride (my friend) was stunning in lace and the reception (held at The London in LA) was posh as hell. Thank God I’m already married so I can be free from the burden of living up to this wedding.

FYI…the really tall, handsome, bearded guy is the Husband and the not so tall, handsome one is my brother!

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9 thoughts on “End of Break

  1. Amanda says:

    Gorgeous wedding pics! Love the bride’s taste in decor!

  2. AQ says:

    Height is overrated(period)

  3. AQ says:

    Height is over rated(period)

  4. Belen says:

    You look gorgeous S!!! That wedding looks insane! I want to see more pictures!

  5. elizabeth says:

    oh sabz. i cannot focus on the wedding as I am worried about the chandelier – let me know what happened! Do you have a finished product?
    I am exhausted and am taking a few days myself from blogging.No energy…talk soon!

  6. Rebecca June says:

    My husband and I go into every home project as if we are ‘divorced’ and hate each other. Them, if it goes well we are extra happy and back in love and if it goes poorly we are not surprised since we are ‘divorced’. It makes life easier. Ha!

  7. All kinds of good looking happening in these photos! Sounds like a blast.

    Can’t wait to see the chandie pics!

  8. gorgeous!! you look amazing and your hubby is handsome! What a great looking couple:)


  9. Alena says:

    What a stunning wedding!! I can’t wait to send this to my fried Negin to make her jealous 🙂 Haha. You look gorgeous – love the outfit!

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