Ever Swoon

One of my loveliest blog friends launched her new wedding and event planning company today, Ever Swoon!

Tamra knows her shiz, you guys. Her own wedding was ridiculously
swoon-worthy. She wore Oscar de la Renta for God’s sakes. And she included her precious pup Bella. She’s pretty much my role model.

Brian Dorsey Studios

If you are in need of event planning, I highly recommend you contact Ever Swoon immediately.

Congrats Tamra! I’ll be toasting you tonight!

Oh and let’s also congratulate Erika on the amazing brand design!

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11 thoughts on “Ever Swoon

  1. Wow I’m so behind! Thank you for the shout out! Love Tamra!

  2. judithatwood says:

    Congratulations to your friend!

  3. Popping another bottle of bubbly again, this time to celebrate the amazing friends I’ve made through blogging. (yes, I’ve popped 5 today! WHoop!) Thank you so much for your support and dancing til dawn with us!! I serz need to see you stat. Honestly separated by vineyard. from one wild grape to another, kindred spirits. I heart you.

  4. Absolutely love these pictures. And those sparkly heels are stunning. If I could re-do my wedding, it would be done differently!!



  5. Molliee says:

    I need her to do my wedding asap ahhhh!!!

  6. I’m over the moon to her! About to dance til dawn 😉 xoxo

  7. Amanda Hill says:

    Crazy amazing! Love!

  8. Leslie says:

    That dress is gorgeous and her heels!! What a Princess wedding that must have been!

  9. obsessed with this!!! how gorgeous is her new webby! she’s a doll and so is her work.

  10. elizabeth says:

    Love Tamra and I am so excited for her. Her wedding was insanely good and the marketing/branding by Erika is super gorgeous – sure to be famous very soon!!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  11. Tamras bout to blow up ya’ll!

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