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My weekend was incredibly PG, except for the nudist beach part. Blacks beach in San Diego allows full on nudity and while prancing around naked isn’t my thing, we go because it’s less crowded than the clothed parts of the beach. It’s not easy getting there though. Think long, steep hike on rough terrain. I sustained an injury. Also, I learned that I giggle every time I see a penis so I spent the entire time at the beach laughing. The Husband called me immature.

Other than that, I ate a lot of kale and drank a lot of spicy water and took a lot of pictures of my dogs. We’ve decided to continue this ridiculously healthy eating thing a little while longer since we’re both feeling so ridiculously healthy. Cheers to cayenne pepper!

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Simply Irresistible

Today I’m making people jealous over at Lara’s blog as part of her “I Love My City” series. Mine is on San Diego where I rave about the beach and the weather and the food. Visit me at Simply Irresistible and get jelly!

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Water Sports

A long summer weekend in San Diego is meaningless without exposure to the Pacific Ocean. We grabbed my family, sandwiches and a cooler of beer and spent the day in a less crowded part of the beach, which was ideal for the photo shoot session I forced my mom into! Isn’t she gorg?!

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Oh Yes We Did

We look for every chance to pose as tourists in our own city and when the sister-in-law and her husband came to visit this weekend, it was the ideal opportunity to embarrass ourselves and eat with abandon. This means renting a four-person bicycle, sightseeing, and stuffing our faces with chocolate cake. We had a ball!

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The weather is 78 degrees and sunny in San Diego and my nose is pressed up against my cubicle window staring at the lucky bastards down below and praying that work gets canceled today. I should be outdoors right now wearing something sheer and drinking a spritzer.

Instead I’ll be confined to my desk all morning before I attend a work function where I’ll enviously watch people eat free steak as I nibble on lettuce. Then I get to pick up my beast of a dog from daycare before heading home to catch up on Gossip Girl and wallow in loneliness until the Husband’s return from class.

Do I sound depressed. Maybe a little. Sunny days do this to me.

At least I have Pinterest.

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