I Want a Wang

Specifically, Alexander’s. What would you gift yourself if you got a surprise promotion and bonus month was right around the corner? Me? I would most definitely get the Alexander Wang handbag I’ve been lusting after for eons: The Emile Tote.

But frivolous spending is not in my future so I’ll be refinancing my house instead.

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19 thoughts on “I Want a Wang

  1. Seriously the bottom left…. AMAZING!!!! GIMMIE!!!! NOW!!! Dare I click on the link to see the price on those beauties… gorgeous!

  2. Tamra says:

    That’s what she said!! haha. sorry i couldn’t help myself with that post title.

  3. […] used to cook? I don’t either. I’ve been too busy going to happy hour and lusting after Wangs. Luckily, my angel Irene gave me the shove I needed to put together some ingredients and take […]

  4. kristina says:

    oh how i want a wang…
    xx, k

  5. I’ll take the Rocco thank you very much! Guess I want a spiked Wang.

  6. Hahaha. I was scared to check this post at work! You SO need and deserve that bag! You’ll be saving $ with refinancing, so then you take that cash and buy your wang!

  7. Eff re-ri! Housing market will get even worse, but you need to have a fab bag NOW.

    Jessie D. Miller
    Financial Adviser to Homeless People

  8. judithatwood says:

    That’s a nice bag, and if you’ve wanted it for awhile, go for it! I’ve never been a bag person, but have I ever had shoes in my life — namely pumps, of all sizes, shapes, heights and colors. So I understand the desire!

  9. Hey refinancing is almost as fun right? I keep hoping I’ll happen upon a sexy Wang in a consigment shop. Retail is just not within my reach.

    I actually found a gorgeous quilted Marc Jacobs this past weekend (think it was the Harrison.) I SO SO wanted it, but even at nearly half off retail I still wanted to vomit.

    Thinking I need a raise and bonus. Oh wait that doesn’t really happen when you own a small company. poop.

  10. Neda says:

    Thanks for the afternoon pick me up. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a smart and strong one– I’m sure the refi will afford you lots of little luxuries down the road! xx

  11. Molliee says:

    hehe you crack me up as always! I love this bag, but I would snag a pair of Brian Atwood heels!

  12. Julip Made says:

    Ohh Sabra… the title of this post is one of the many reasons I heart you. I agree with Victoria… gave me a much needed laugh.
    PS. I want a Wang and a Wu!

  13. lily says:

    I love the Emile tote too ! Especially with rose gold hardware.


  14. You have no idea how much I needed the laugh the title of this post just gave me. Thank you.

  15. LMF says:

    You deserve the Wang. Don’t put it off. If you’ve been lusting after it, this is the perfect time to treat yourself.

  16. Lindsay says:

    Treat yourself to something good even if it’s not the bag ๐Ÿ™‚ You deserve it!

  17. elizabeth says:

    I love this bag – especially in gray! Did you get my email??
    xoxox -e (modern24/7)

  18. Vanessa says:

    Not to be a killjoy here, but I’ve heard from several friends who have bought his stuff that it’s not very good quality. That should make you feel better about refinancing the house. ๐Ÿ™‚

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