Julip Made and Lonny

I’m guest posting at Julip Made today! There will be talk of this…

and this…

Come experience the goodness and poke around Julie’s cute as hell blog.

Also, nothing in the new Lonny blew me away, but I did love a lot of the art, wallpaper and ethnic prints featured in the issue. Look at this flowery nursery! I don’t think I could actually do it, but it’s still pretty adorbs, don’t you think?

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3 thoughts on “Julip Made and Lonny

  1. elizabeth says:

    As a New Orleanian I was extremely disappointed in the New Orleans- themed Lonny. It only featured one or two people who seem to have connections, and one of them is not a native (who I know for a fact bitches about New Orleans constantly). Even the project by a designer I usually adore (Angie Hranowsky) was, I personally think, not her best work. The map of Magazine Street had 3 or 4 stores on it that have been open less than a year, and completely ignored gorgeous, classic interior design locations that have been here over 20 years! So sad- but I went through this issue in ten minutes and did not linger or love anything about it…

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks again Sabra for the great tips! Also, don’t be surprised if I show up uninvited next time I’m in your area to partake in the awesomely stocked bar and mouth-watering chili-garlic bread (PS I’ll require my own loaf please!).

  3. Going to check out your post now! And agreeed about Lonny

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