Random Stuff

My apologies for the sporadic posting this week. I’ve been busy eating and stuff. Also, I discovered the video camera on my phone this weekend and caught the animals in action. This is how they behave in their spare time.

And in my most exciting news of today, the lovely Victoria of Vmac + Cheese is featuring me on her Behind the Scenes series today. I get personal so go learn more about my dreams and goals and ambitions. Click here now please.

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13 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. Belen Otero says:

    How cute is dexter sharing his food bowl?!?! I need to meet ur pack of doggies! BTW I’ll see u on Saturday!

  2. LOVED IT!!!!!!! Loved your little interview over there…. I left you my love and extra sugar on V+C! πŸ™‚

  3. You CRACK me the f’up! Just showed the hub your vid too… LOL’s! Getting creative with the pups! Love Dex eating a bone… brb, going to check your shat out on the other blog! Glad you’ve been busy eating… me too… 7lbs from Friday through Monday. SEVEN… SEVEN… SEVEN POUNDS IN 4 F’ING DAYS!

  4. Meta Musings says:

    Love the music! Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy New Year!


  5. Amanda Hill says:

    I a really glad I am not the only one struggling to blog πŸ™‚

  6. Tamra says:

    Omg the background music on your videos is awesome. You’ve motivated me to post videos of Bella, but they would give everyone motion sickness as its super hard to video or take a pix when she is running around. Loved ur series! Need to know what kind of kindle u have!

  7. Loved your BTS post! I actually learned a few new things about you — kinda funny that I feel like I know you so well LOL. Thanks for the mention too, made my day!
    About to show Leighton your doggie videos!

  8. elizabeth says:

    hey girl – blogging is not nearly as much fun as eating. going to see your other post!
    xoxoxo e (modern24seven)

  9. Julip Made says:

    I think it is official, I need to make a huge Cali trip happen sweeping the coast to meet you and Victoria, preferably to occur at a vineyard… that is dog friendly. Too much to ask for?

  10. kristina says:

    p.s. that dexter sure is handful! haha! i’m headed over to your feature right now, congrats!!
    xx, k

  11. kristina says:

    heheheh ~ awww, that’s so cute! your big monster dog was pretty curious about that door nob latch thing, and they kept on trying to be polite to one another and take turns w. the food. but towards the end they just gave up πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    xx, kristina

  12. Aubrey says:

    Since my blog stalking you here clearly isn’t enough, I’m headed straight over to Vic’s (c: I just got an iphone for Christmas and I definitely need some pointers on how to work that thing…(c:

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