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While I was out:

  • I celebrated the end of my cleanse with sangria.
  • I celebrated the end of my cleanse with blackberry margaritas and a manicure.
  • I walked off the sangria and margaritas with Dexter.
  • I drank a gin martini to keep the celebration going.
  • I napped away an entire Saturday.

It’s like I’m in college all over again.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sorry for the regurgitation.


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3 Ingredient Cocktails + 3 Day Weekend = Hells Yeah

Another work week almost complete and I did it without the help of my good friend, red wine. I consider this a major accomplishment and since I like to reward myself for my accomplishments, I’m going to indulge in some serious cocktails this weekend. We’ve already infused our own vodka with strawberries and bought the garnishes and everything. I may even try one of these three-ingredient drinks courtesy of the New York Times. It’s going to be a fabulous extra long weekend friends!

Easy ass cocktail recipes here.


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Ironically, when I dubbed myself “The Lonely Wife” I somehow gained a social life (rhyming not intended and kind of gross).  Double date tonight at Alchemy and LA tomorrow to celebrate my best friend forever’s birthday with a private dinner and wine tasting Frenchy style…Ooh la la!

Eight more hours until oblivion. TGIF!

Image via myself

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Last Night’s Dinner

Technically, this was lunch two weekends ago, but no camera tricks can make a Slim Fast shake look appetizing so I’m sparing you the real “last night’s dinner.”

The Husband’s specialty is sandwich making and the key to a good sandwich is the bread. In this case, we went to a local bakery for sourdough, then came home and topped with cheese, avocado, tomato, red onions and sprouts. We washed the goodness down with blood orange and vodka cocktails.

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