Outfit/Weight Loss Inspiration

I will continue to wear ripped jeans until someone tells me to start dressing my age. I paid good money for a pair of perfectly shredded jeans last year that I’m having trouble fitting into this year.  After realizing this last night I panicked and baked brownies from a box and washed them down with too much bubbly. Then I felt nauseous. So today, you guys, marks the first day of “Operation Look Less Bloated,” which essentially means I’m going to replace alcohol with water and cut back on the pizza. Who knew a pair of ripped jeans could be so inspirational.

P.S. They even look secksy on men!

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19 thoughts on “Outfit/Weight Loss Inspiration

  1. missdonna says:

    yeah…i can relate. my ripped jeans are fitting more like jeggings. not good.

  2. […] my system and go wild this summer. We’re going to Palm Springs in a few weeks, hence “Operation Look Less Bloated” so this acts as a motivation for me to stay off the alcohol until […]

  3. […] just noticed one is wearing ripped jeans. A chihuahua after my own […]

  4. elizabeth says:

    Like Erika, I feel that they look terrible on me, but I am sure you are adorable and not overweight. That guy would look great in anything, btw. Yummy.
    E (modern24seven)

  5. Lauren says:

    I do this all the time! I think to myself, ‘I’m going to start eating healthier, better get rid of all the pretzel m&m’s in the house.’ Such great logic!

  6. Erika [small shop] says:

    I love the look of a ripped and cuffed boyfriend jean but the look terrible on me! Boo.
    So a few weeks ago I cut out wine for a week and dropped 5 pounds. Made me very sad. I had to find another way to lose it!

  7. Good luck, sweets! It’s a constant battle for me but the booze eventually wins all the time. I need some thinspiration myself! 🙂 xoxo

  8. I cut back on the booze and didn’t loose an ounce… it’s BS! 🙂 Let me know how your operation goes… I’m pray’n for you, sista! 🙂 I do love a good pair on shredded jeans!

  9. Um, I’m pretty sure this is how I feel every Monday. but alas….it’s Monday night and I’m about to go to bed after cheese, crackers, and 3 glasses of wine……….diet starts tomorrow??????????

  10. mini says:

    So PS will be filled with H2O and lettuce? Greatttttt lol jk I’m right there with you xx

  11. love ripped jeans…I am feeling the bloat after a nonstop flow of champagne this weekend followed by cupcakes and cookies and more cupcakes

  12. Neda says:

    “Operation Look Less Bloated”…I just wrote it out on a piece of paper and slapped it on my computer in front of my desk. Fantastic! I also love the ripped jean inspiration. I have a pair and love wearing them around on the weekends…so comfortable and easy.

  13. amaliqbal says:

    I am in too! Worst feeling EVER when your dessert returns the favor of giving you a muffin top in your favorite jeans… Best of luck to all of us!

  14. Ugg I’ll join you too. All of my my pants are feeling a little snug these days. Is there a way to lose the bloat without giving up alcohol or ice cream? Oh I hate cardio too.

    Also, I don’t think I can pull of ripped jeans, but I sure want to.

  15. designstiles says:

    Operation look less bloated. You kill me. I’ll join you. And the maybe we can report back to each other. But, we will def get bloated when we finally get together again!

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