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It feels like Summer Spring in Southern California so we’ll treat it like it: lounging and eating fresh stuff. Happy weekend!

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To Do

Today I’m going to put the finishing touches on my Christmas decorations.

Wrap presents with The Monster.

Indulge in a little pre-Christmas Eve adult beverage consumption.

And overall be merry that I don’t have to work until next Tuesday. Happy holidays!

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We’re on our way to Lake Arrowhead for a long weekend. My in-laws rented a cabin and most of the siblings and spouses are flying in for an early Christmas celebration. There will be champagne and heating blankets aplenty. Happy weekend pets! Come back to me next Wednesday.

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It’s Personal

Guess who woke up this morning and decided she was in desperate need of a personal day? An organized, responsible individual would spend this glorious, cubicle-free afternoon Christmas shopping or getting her eyebrows waxed. But the bed beckons. So does the Kindle. Have a productive Friday friends!

Photos taken with my iPhone. I’m getting creative huh?!

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Ms. Claus

It finally happened. I caught the Christmas bug, which was spurred on by the two dozen Sprinkles cupcakes a vendor sent me at work last week. Then I made a long list of material stuff I expect hope the Husband will get me. Oh and we also put up our tree, cuddled with some ewoks, had dinner with friends (complete with the strongest mint juleps alive) and listened to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat. You can call me Ms. Claus.


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Me and the Monster

I mostly stayed home this weekend except for Saturday night. I think congratulations are in order you guys. During the day, I baked  (recipe coming this week), I folded a lot of laundry and I forced Dexter to participate in an iPhone shoot with me. This is why I should really maintain a social life.


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Most of my weekend revolved around food and drink. Surprise, surprise. The highlight was that I tried my first dirty pickle martini, which means I now have a signature cocktail that will make me look cool at bars. Apparently, Cosmopolitans are no longer acceptable. Also, I got to spend time with some of my favorite people on earth who I typically only see on a biannual basis.  Also, I got drunk as clearly evidenced by my crazy eyes in the last photo. Another glorious weekend!

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Ironically, when I dubbed myself “The Lonely Wife” I somehow gained a social life (rhyming not intended and kind of gross).  Double date tonight at Alchemy and LA tomorrow to celebrate my best friend forever’s birthday with a private dinner and wine tasting Frenchy style…Ooh la la!

Eight more hours until oblivion. TGIF!

Image via myself

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Things I remember from my weekend in Vegas:

  • Carbs
  • Sparkles

Currently in recovery.

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I know it seems like I’m always traveling somewhere, but I swear I only agree if the deal is too sweet to pass up. And this time, my friends, the deal is definitely sweet. A girl’s trip to the city of sin.  The Husband is out of town this weekend too so it was either stay home alone and be sad or get drunk in Vegas. Off to get drunk in Vegas! See you back on Tuesday.


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