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Another iPhone App

The number of photography-related apps on my iPhone is a prime example of my addictive personality. My latest obsession is Fotolr PS. It makes quickie collages for quickie blog posts. I present you scenes from my morning.

I spend the majority of it staring into my closet, drinking coffee and walking the dogs. Then I get into my car and make the “another day another dollah” face to amuse myself. Happy Wednesday!

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Pic FX

Yesterday, one of my blog BFFs Rebecca June introduced me to the best new picture app on the iPhone. Pic FX people. Get it! I immediately got to work editing the hell out of my pictures. Preview of the different effects below. It’s not surprising that most of the photos in my album are of dogs and alcohol. I’ve become predictable.

P.S. the two dashing gentleman in the pic with me are my baby brothers.

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